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Dr. Creepinscare's Pumpkin Patch Match


Dr. Creepinscare is here to invite you to test your wits and reflexes in his fiendish pumpkin patch! Have a spooky good time placing the falling pumpkins into special arrangements to clear the field. The mad genius of Dr. Creepinscare has devised it, though, that all the pumpkins have similarly carved faces. Be alert!

Skulls and stones may try to get in your way, but you'll get the better of them!

If you do well, Dr. Creepinscare's kitty cat might pay you a special visit!

Make 2x2, 3x2, or 3x3 (with something else in the middle) pumpkin patch shapes to earn points! See if you can do better than Dr. Creepinscare himself!

This game features a tour de force vocal performance by Boris, my wife's cat.

I like to imagine this as a forgotten licensed game for an obscure children's TV property.

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Psychological dadaist game about little Tetris T block that doubts its purpose in life and wants to be free. In fact, he always wanted to become a tree! And now he can, thanks to this amazing creation. You must guide little T in his explorations of the world beyond what he has known all his life. You can also guide little T in her explorations of the world beyond what she has known all her life. (Up to you - in any case he's pink and she's pink too.) But watch out - the unknown world is big and full of dangers and seductions! T must go where no Tetris block has gone before...

Use the keyboard arrows to guide little T / ESC to quit - the basic mantra of glorious games.
Remember: save the Treetris.exe file to the Desktop or some other folder before launching the game! Don't run it straight from the .zip file unless you're curious to see my FEIG error box.

Soundtrack: "Layers" by Space Explorer(s) - soundcloud.com/spaceexplorers

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CLST Prototype


Little creatures in tiles are falling from the ceiling. Use the powerful magnetism of the black sphere in the center of the room to attract and repel them toward their bases.

You get five strikes (missed creatures) before the game ends. Get as high a score as you can!

ENTER: Start game/pause menu (quit game through pause menu)
X: Repel
Z: Attract

This is the first game I'm releasing in 2016! My goal is to release at least one game each month in 2016!
(Prototype is in the title, but only because I might return to this concept later. This is the complete game I meant for it to be.)

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Unintentional Christmas Tree


Use the arrow keys to move the floor left and right. If a block lands where the floor is a different colour to itself, something bad happens depending on the mode; otherwise, it stays where it lands. Press space to release all landed blocks and gain points; the more blocks on the ground, the more points you get. Easy mode does not have a lose condition.

left/right, A/D: move.
space, up, W: release blocks on the ground.
1, 2: select a mode on the title screen.
1, 2, enter, space: continue at the lose screen.
escape, backspace: quit to title; exit at title.

W/A/D works for other keyboard layouts too: QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak.

Joseph Lansdowne
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Falling Mad


Just your typical avoid the falling wall of blocks game.


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!!!!!! - The Game That Appears First In Alphabetical Listings


This is just like VVVVVV, except when you press the "flip gravity" button, everything else flips gravity instead of you. I know there's probably ten or twenty games out there that use similar mechanics, but the only one that comes to mind at the moment is LIMBO. And even then it more commonly used electromagnets instead of gravity.

The player-character is inspired by this webcomic.

Arrows - move.
X - Jump.
C - Flip gravity.

Leon Arnott
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Vector the Crocodile Is Chased by the Sun


Vector the Crocodile is menacingly pursued by the star at the center of our solar system.

(Press X to jump!)

The Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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Klik 'N Krush (With Buildings)


This game was originally going to include class divides, planned developments and much, much more.
Then I noticed I had five minutes to finish it.
So instead it's a game about KRUSHING PEOPLE with FALLING BUILDINGS.

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unjustly cast into a deep well for being born with the blessing/curse of being able to walljump, the time has come to prove the value of your gift.

left and right to move, space to jump / walljump.

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