Dr. Creepinscare's Pumpkin Patch Match

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Dr. Creepinscare is here to invite you to test your wits and reflexes in his fiendish pumpkin patch! Have a spooky good time placing the falling pumpkins into special arrangements to clear the field. The mad genius of Dr. Creepinscare has devised it, though, that all the pumpkins have similarly carved faces. Be alert!

Skulls and stones may try to get in your way, but you'll get the better of them!

If you do well, Dr. Creepinscare's kitty cat might pay you a special visit!

Make 2x2, 3x2, or 3x3 (with something else in the middle) pumpkin patch shapes to earn points! See if you can do better than Dr. Creepinscare himself!

This game features a tour de force vocal performance by Boris, my wife's cat.

I like to imagine this as a forgotten licensed game for an obscure children's TV property.

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An event


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I had a dang good time with

I had a dang good time with this!
Wish the music would be a little longer but otherwise very nice!
Love the design of Dr.Creepinscare!!!

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Thank you very much! I wish

Thank you very much! I wish the music had been longer too. It gets a little too repetitive, I agree.