CLST Prototype

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Little creatures in tiles are falling from the ceiling. Use the powerful magnetism of the black sphere in the center of the room to attract and repel them toward their bases.

You get five strikes (missed creatures) before the game ends. Get as high a score as you can!

ENTER: Start game/pause menu (quit game through pause menu)
X: Repel
Z: Attract

This is the first game I'm releasing in 2016! My goal is to release at least one game each month in 2016!
(Prototype is in the title, but only because I might return to this concept later. This is the complete game I meant for it to be.)

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An event


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I enjoyed playing it. I

I enjoyed playing it.
I think a noise during attraction and a noise during repulsion would go a long way towards helping the feel of the game. Personally, I would add collision to the creatures because I kept ending up with clusters that could never be separated again. I enjoyed how the creatures had a little bit of momentum after activating the repulsion or attraction; it made my button presses feel like I was slingshotting the creatures a little bit.

I think my highscore is 1500