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Dragon in the Road


Dragon in the Road

This is a game about being the monster. This is a game about being in the way. This is a game about being fat. This is a game about needing to rest.

Controls :

Left Mouse Button - Click on things.

Arrow Keys - Move

Spacebar - Click on things

R - Reset (only on some screens)

Esc - Quit game

Credits :

a game by Mariken Drawinge

Character name suggested by Neen Lancaster

Music composed by Fotocopiadora

Programming assistance by Everythingstaken

Special thanks to Wyvy



Closing :

I'm sure this game may draw comparasions to Undertale, but I think that game is old hat by now. I suggest that Moon Remix RPG Adventure informed this work more.

Supplemental Reading :

Glorious Trainwrecks Bonus :

PNG files of the demon dragon that you can print out

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The Loveland Frog


Content warning: this game has potentially stressful audio (screeching car tires).

A Myth, or A Legend?

Once a media cycle, the Loveland Frog cryptid makes their appearance to a select few. Though they may be three feet tall, an unusual size for a frog, they are truly a friendly character. However, people find the Frog menacing, and do not understand them. They run away from the Frog, and occasionally attempt to attack them in misguided fear...

It has been three years since the Loveland Frog was last seen, and tonight they have decided to shake things up. They wish to go for a stroll across a busy highway, where many people will be able to see that they truly exist. However, due to their isolation from human culture, they do not understand "vehicles", and so do not know the danger they represent...

Now In Video Game Form

This game is a bit spooky, but there are NO jump scares! Headphones are suggested, but not required.

The Loveland Frog is a short game, and takes 2-5 minutes to play. You can control the Frog with the left and right arrow keys, or the A and D keys, to move them left and right, respectively. Your goal is to help them cross the road safely, by guiding them to the other side.

For those playing in the browser (available on itchio here), the game has ended when the victory scene is over. In the downloadable form, it will automatically close at this point.


Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. More detailed credits, as well as the source file, are available in the download.
The image for the Loveland Frog is from this recreation of the creature, by Tim Bertelink.
The main music is an excerpt of Four Aspects by Daphne Oram.
Includes samples from 3DMM, MacMillan, Soundstate, Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, Legowelt, Glitchedtones, and Vintage Optical Sound Effects.

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BINKY XII: Virtuil Road


The twelfth in the award winning BINKY Series.


But danger lurks at every corner! Watch out!

Collect the treasure to get a higher SCORE...

but what is a SCORE anyway? In this paper I shall elucidate on the structure of "video game"...


P - Start The Game
A,D,Left,Right - Movement
Space - Turn Invisible

VT323 Font by Peter Hell and Jacques Le Bailly
Art From Klik&Play
Samples from Klik&Play
Samples from 3D Movie Maker

Land of Dwarf from Faxanadu

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microbusero splash.png

Microbusero is a microbus driving minigame in which you get to crash cars, roll over pedestrians, pick up and drop off passengers and use the mighty La Cucaracha!

Cristian Cardenas and Mihael Grilec
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