Dragon in the Road

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Dragon in the Road

This is a game about being the monster. This is a game about being in the way. This is a game about being fat. This is a game about needing to rest.

Controls :

Left Mouse Button - Click on things.

Arrow Keys - Move

Spacebar - Click on things

R - Reset (only on some screens)

Esc - Quit game

Credits :

a game by Mariken Drawinge

Character name suggested by Neen Lancaster

Music composed by Fotocopiadora




Programming assistance by Everythingstaken

Special thanks to Wyvy





Closing :

I'm sure this game may draw comparasions to Undertale, but I think that game is old hat by now. I suggest that Moon Remix RPG Adventure informed this work more.

Supplemental Reading :


Glorious Trainwrecks Bonus :

PNG files of the demon dragon that you can print out

Made For: 
An event


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Seeing as one of the now

Seeing as one of the now banned users used the phrase "ugly beasts in mobility scooters" in their rant against Alt Gamez I see that games like Dragon in the Road are still necessary. Those "ugly beasts" are humans, deserving respect that comes with existence. What a vile phrase.

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All-around fantastic

Your distinctive artstyle and fotocopiadora's sound go so well together here. Nanando's art stands out, specifically their soft, round sleeping model and their stunning battle portrait. I loved how confined I felt on the narrow path and how slowly it went through the menus, and I think I loved most of all how if you choose to ignore the flute, Tyrant simply finds a different path.

This game made me really happy.

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"Tyrant simply finds a

"Tyrant simply finds a different path." I think that is up to the readers interpretation. But I am not too sure what goes through the mind of that being.