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This is an RPG Maker 2k3 chaingame map made over a duration of about a month by krisekrise and me. Starting from a blank map we tried to recreate the entire map of the original Pokémon Red/Blu (Kanto) from memory.

I don't know why we did this. It is not humanly possible to understand it. But what might be even more scary is how eerily accurate our map turned out compared to the actual thing. Have a look for yourself.


* No one was allowed to look at any Pokémon-related stuff during the month of making this: So no maps, images, Pokéwiki, playthrough videos etc. Especially not from the first-gen games. (Both of use hadn't played the games in a long time)
* We took turns during mapping where each of us would create one route or city or some other landmark and then send the map to the other person to continue.
* Only use the default RPG Maker overworld tileset and RTP assets

The title screen graphic was made by asking an AI image generator what it thinks a Pokémon gameboy box cover would look like.
Background midis were collected from various RPG Maker projects lying around.

If you want to compare while playing, here is the original map for reference: https://external-preview.redd.it/ZKQ9FyiXRBX5abm6omYKuT6zTWX9jbxiQ1YH6exWssw.png?auto=webp&v=enabled&s=00bbfea0fc0b1584906ac46e6013e837dc1bd612

Feel free to use our ruleset to expand this map (anyone want to add Johto?) or recreate some other game overworld.

spiders & krisekrise
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Mystery of the TURN (for marbles-box)


Mystery of the TURN

Espurr awakes in a mysterious world...


Controls -

WASD/Arrows - move

X - somethin
C - somethin?
esc - bring up menu

Credits at the end - can type credits later here
extra thanks to Bagenzo for finding linux problems

Enjoy the game, everyone! Merry Chistmas!

I cant upload mac version its too big sorry steve job

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Dragon in the Road


Dragon in the Road

This is a game about being the monster. This is a game about being in the way. This is a game about being fat. This is a game about needing to rest.

Controls :

Left Mouse Button - Click on things.

Arrow Keys - Move

Spacebar - Click on things

R - Reset (only on some screens)

Esc - Quit game

Credits :

a game by Mariken Drawinge

Character name suggested by Neen Lancaster

Music composed by Fotocopiadora




Programming assistance by Everythingstaken

Special thanks to Wyvy





Closing :

I'm sure this game may draw comparasions to Undertale, but I think that game is old hat by now. I suggest that Moon Remix RPG Adventure informed this work more.

Supplemental Reading :


Glorious Trainwrecks Bonus :

PNG files of the demon dragon that you can print out

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Pokemon Copyright Infringement - A Train-wreck


I am only posting this one for completeness. It's my third ever game, another brief for University (that I miraculously passed, by a hair) which caused me to have a breakdown on submission date. ENJOY IF YOU DARE.

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Lovely Warriors of Friendship


A Megaman-esque platformer with a goal of spreading love, friendship, and innocence.


Play as one of many warriors of friendship of your choosing, with a choice of characters from many series, the most important being Precure, My Little Pony, and Pokemon.

Choose from over 70 playable characters! Play as your favorite cure or pony, or choose that indie game character that stood out to you!

Reform Discord, and take down Tirek!

Defeat and reform the unlovely forces of the Phantom Empire!

Flying mode with even more characters, using a completely different control style.

Play as many cute characters, including Satori, Spiritia, Princess Luna and Meloetta.

Rokko Chan, Spiritia, and Mega Pony can obtain weapons by defeating bosses.

Play as a sparkling shiny pokemon, or have the Happiness Charge Precure change into alternate forms.

Some characters have extra abilities, such as melee attacks, double jumps and dashes.

This game gives you "lovely hearts" whenever you complete certain tasks in the game. You might know of this idea as "achievements" or "trophies". However, hearts are much more awesome than golden medals or cups. Hasn't anyone ever told you that money can't buy you love?

The game runs almost entirely off borrowed or mixed resources. I believe unoriginal is the new original!

Proud to announce that the game has "Megpoid Talk" as the menu voice. AKA The voice of Megumi Nakajima/Gumi/Cure Lovely/Cure Unlovely/Meloetta.

The game is completely free, and family friendly!

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Towsif Khan's Pokemon: A Different Game


When I was a kid I saw the Pokemon anime before I played the games. The games are awesome but I have always wanted something a bit more inspired form the anime, those ridiculous combo moves or those different creative ways to use each Pokemon.

This is a test drive of my imagination, something very small and simple to just put out there and see what others think of it.

I would some day like to make a complete game of this sort, something more complicated, where the players can catch and choose which Pokemon to use per battle, some randomness during battle, and even evolutions occurring during battle, a good story and etc. It is a bit too ambitious and so will depend a lot on how well this demo is received, so let me know what everyone thinks of it.

The game:
5 different endings, less then half an hour to beat all the endings, the player would have to choose an option from a list of two every now and then and see things unfold.

spriters-resource.com - sprites
legendarypokemon.net - Pokemon cries
http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=38206.0 - tiles(in rpgmakerxp format)
http://www.mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb&param=02&c=5&id=14056 - pokeball sound effect
Pokemon Missingno album - 'battle for the badges' song
http://pokeace.wikia.com/wiki/File:Pokemon_logo.png - Pokemon logo
rpgmaker vx rtp - few SE sound effects, 1 sprite and pictures used in the animations

I do not own Pokemon, its characters or anything related to it. Credits for the resources goes to its respective sources mentioned above, credit for everything else goes to me.

Towsif Zahin Khan
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Roshambon Box


Get equipped with the newest craze, ROSHAMBON!

For just TEN FUNBUX, you can have your very own ROSHAMBON!


Then sell them for FAT STACKS! YoU'Ll Be RiCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(alternatively, you can work the most boring job in the world to earn your funbux legitimately.)

- This game was made with Construct and requires DirectX 9 or higher to run -

EDIT: Now updated with music written by my S.O.!

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Travel on a grand adventure into the great unknown. One young boy versus the fearsome POCKET MASTERS!

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which pokemon will you have sex with?

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