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Winning Square


An old, old game I made roughly ten years ago in The Games Factory. I don't know why I made it, because it sucks! It's about clicking things. You know, like games on Facebook!

Your objective is to mindlessly click the green panels looking for the Winning Square. if you click it, you gain points and a new board. If you take more than 45 clicks, you lose the round and get a new board. After losing a round, your current points tally is emptied into your total points tally. Except there's not much point, because these tallies will be forgotten when you close the game. Which is what you should be doing, because this game sucks!

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Diamond Snake Jogger


(cw: vore kinda)

Somewhat based off of a very popular game from the old V-Cade where you jumped around a randomly-moving snake-like ribbon while trying not to fall off.

Left and Right Arrow Keys to move.
Shift to jump (you'll probably want to hold the key, actually).
Don't fall off the snake.
Don't let the snake eat you (it does this if the head collides with you from the side or from above).

You can adjust the snake's movement to make it faster, slower, or more random. You can also make the snake's tail longer if you want. The game features a random seed, so you can keep playing the same pattern over and over until you better yourself.

Three game modes:

Score Attack just gives you points for however long you stay alive.
Timed Survival is about staying alive for the specified time period. If you're still around when the time is up, you win!
Collect the Food is about eating all the hamburgers. Eat a hamburger, and you win one point. The snake can eat them too, but this won't earn you any points! Once all the burgers are eaten, you move on to the next round which has one more hamburger in it.

Update: Fixed an issue with past/high score not being remembered on custom games. Also provided more sane default values. Redownload if you've already downloaded.

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Roshambon Box


Get equipped with the newest craze, ROSHAMBON!

For just TEN FUNBUX, you can have your very own ROSHAMBON!


Then sell them for FAT STACKS! YoU'Ll Be RiCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(alternatively, you can work the most boring job in the world to earn your funbux legitimately.)

- This game was made with Construct and requires DirectX 9 or higher to run -

EDIT: Now updated with music written by my S.O.!

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The Legend of Zeldar: Hunchback Extermination Extreme


Save the princess! Save a bunch of princesses! Save every princess ever!

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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