Mystery of the TURN (for marbles-box)

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Game File (Linux): 

Mystery of the TURN

Espurr awakes in a mysterious world...


Controls -

WASD/Arrows - move

X - somethin
C - somethin?
esc - bring up menu

Credits at the end - can type credits later here
extra thanks to Bagenzo for finding linux problems

Enjoy the game, everyone! Merry Chistmas!

I cant upload mac version its too big sorry steve job

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An event


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Love it! Especially the

Love it! Especially the music is great!
My favorite quote: "Crime is on the rise! I'm Criminal!"

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thank you i "stole" the

thank you i "stole" the music
i'm criminal too! muhaha

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hey sorry it took me so long to write a comment but this game is very very good
i replay this game every now and then and it remains a magical experience
the invisible teleporter maze gives me more delight than it perhaps should
every time i play the game i forget how to get the letter U but every time i rediscover it, it fills me with joy
i love the distinctive character of the different environments in the game and i love talking to all of the side characters and seeing sometimes silly dialogue
thank you very much for making this game and introducing me to mooncat
merry santamas!