BINKY XII: Virtuil Road

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The twelfth in the award winning BINKY Series.


But danger lurks at every corner! Watch out!

Collect the treasure to get a higher SCORE...

but what is a SCORE anyway? In this paper I shall elucidate on the structure of "video game"...


P - Start The Game
A,D,Left,Right - Movement
Space - Turn Invisible

VT323 Font by Peter Hell and Jacques Le Bailly
Art From Klik&Play
Samples from Klik&Play
Samples from 3D Movie Maker

Land of Dwarf from Faxanadu

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An event


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This is like a capital G videoGame isn't it? It feels like the first Binky game that comes to mind that I think is a game in the very most traditional sense. It's got a score, wow, that's interesting. I think a lot of the Binky style still comes through in the system. I like that you don't have lives or health or anything like that, you can run into stuff as much as you'd like. I also like that the balance isn't really in your favor. There is a comical lack of foreshadowing that feels in line with the humor of the Binky games. I think my favorite aspect of this game is the perspective. It is fun when games have a HUD that is for the most part decorative. Where this game doesn't have a bunch of dialogue or anything of that nature, the layout of this game feels very narrative. They are having a quiet drive. Have you ever been on a long car trip and not said anything to the people you are in the car with for an extended period of time? It's such a specific and natural feeling. Someone I knew was staying over at my place and I was on my computer and we weren't really interacting and they said that it was like we were "playing roommates". This game is sorta "playing roommates".

Am I becoming the new ghettowreath in terms of comments? I don't think I will ever match him in tone or content, I probably shouldn't try. I once was working at a restaurant and we had to describe wine for a training and I said that a wine tasted like banana laughy taffy. My boss really liked that I said that and said to the other employees that was a good example of how to talk to a customer. I think he was impressed because of the sorta outsider to wine perspective I had, not saying something like 'earthy notes' or whatever was refreshing to him and I think he thought that would relate more to the customer in a novel way. I think the banana laughy taffy thing applied to a lot of his long comments that would end up rambling on for quite a long time. I really liked his comments. His comments made me feel very welcomed here. What an interesting person. I hope he comes back some day.

Beep beep.

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How can you say this is a

How can you say this is a quiet drive when the three and constantly at risk of hitting terrifying cars! I cannot comment on the wine thing for it has been far too long since I have eaten laughy taffy nor do I consume wine, my apologies.

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I also enjoyed the

I also enjoyed the perspective/HUD of this game.
The sound effect when you collect the stuff you are supposed to collect made me feel like it was sticky hard candies rather than gems.

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They may be sticky hard

They may be sticky hard candy but they are also virtuil so BINKY and friends could not eat them, too bad.

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I'm so glad to finally play

I'm so glad to finally play this! I was excited ever since I saw you post a screenshot of it in altgamez. The perspective Is just so fascinating to me! In playing it, it feels like a successor (or... predecessor?! depending on development period) to Dracula's Condemned Castle. Except, the stakes are much different, of course, since this is both a Binky production as well as a virtuil simulation game being experienced by Binky and crew. I can't think of anything else so I will end the comment here.

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the composition of the

the composition of the screen is really good. the sense of humour also feels like it's at its best, with things like the giraffes on the road and the explosions