BINKY XI: Binky Buy (Rent) Bouncy

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The eleventh in the award winning BINKY Series.

Amazing crossover action! From the mind of Sylvie an exciting new character has a cameo: BALL.

Amazing new character action! Introducing: EGGS. She is the egg baby of RUFF and BINKY (As seen in Bubbo Land: Egg Arc Part 7). For the first time ever play as someone other than the BINKY...

BINKY has rented a bouncy castle for their daughter. EGGS is having a very fun time bouncing around. Denizens of Bubbo Land join the excitement.

Included is EGGS 2D graphics, so she can be in new BINKY fangames, please refer to further instructions as listed in "Make Your Own BINKY".


WAD, Arrow Keys - Movement


Ball by Sylvie
Code assistance by Sylvie (BINK-CORP is not good with physics)
Characters from Feng Shen Bang (Famicom), modified.


TECHNO1L.MID from The Games Factory
STRETCH1.WAV from The Games Factory

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An event


Cute and bouncy

Thanks for featuring BALL.

This game is very bouncy and cute!

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Thank YOU for helping me

Thank YOU for helping me with programming... I'm glad you enjoyed the bouncing.

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I tried to escape the castle

I tried to escape the castle with excessive bouncing- is this a sign of the changing times, or am I old fashioned?