This is a sequel to TrailblaZer which brings it back to its Snake roots. Collect the pulsing blocks, but you can only pass through walls of the same colour as yourself. Each time you turn, you change to the next colour in the RGB sequence.

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Cave Vasion - The Lost Level


This is a new set of rooms for my recent game Cave Vasion. There is also a new item - the chalice. Place it down with X to set a respawn point at that spot. Pick it up with X to remove the respawn point, so that you may then place it farther in the maze. Also, any locked doors that you break through will remain open even if you respawn.

Arrows - make a move.
Z - skip a turn.
X - pick up or place the chalice.

I managed to make eight rooms this time.
This is of course inspired by Cave Noire, a game by Konami.

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Portal Two-Dimensional


In the spirit of the advent of Portal 2, which was released a few minutes ago in the future, here is a two-dimensional version of the game. The story is different, and so are the puzzles.

I tried to make as many levels as I could in the time limit. There are 10 of them.

Z - Push against ground, thus forcing self upward as per Newton's third law.
Arrows - Impart motion upon self, or, conversely, aim the object held in hand (if any).
X - ???
C - ???

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Suction Star


Loosely based on NS-Shaft.

A star is engulfing a stream of matter. Don't fall out of sight, and don't get swallowed.

Arrows to move.
You get more points the farther you are from the star.

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Nine-Ball Pong


A basic two-player game.
Player 1 (left) uses W and S to move. Player 2 (right) uses arrows.
Players must catch only the lowest-numbered ball on the field!
Whoever claims the 9-ball correctly wins.

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Pirate Kart 2
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