Peanut River

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Good Grief!

The file is included if you want to edit it????

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Automatic plingpling i love

Automatic plingpling i love it! and Charlie Brown makes it all complete!

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I'm glad there is a Peanuts fan on here!

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yeah that's great

It makes sense to have each table be a comic panel. You can probably tell some interesting stories that way!

I don't know enough about peanuts to understand this, but it was fun.

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Seems like there is some potential! I'm not sure how I'd do any more stories, but I'd like to figure out how. Also, I feel like I'm going with the Peanuts style of sometimes being way too dry but also referencing other Peanuts comics. I should have a warning saying FOR MEGA PEANUTS FANS ONLY.


it gave me the feels and I even citated back and watched parts of a boy named charlie brown. Not all of it, but a lot. There is so much musical score seeped in there.

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That was awesome.

That was awesome.

gr8 game

Best example I've seen so far. it tells such a story.. Here I drew you this picture to accomodate it. Weird cutoffs but whatever


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id in every town

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I love this

This is great. There needs to be more Peanuts related things on the internet.

This one is my favourite

This one is my favourite PlingPling game I've seen so far. :)

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I'm glad you like it and I hope people keep making more plingpling stuff. :)