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Portrait of a hustling bustling city, from the eyes of a pigeon. Musical pilotwings. Avian jet set radio. Hold space to fly, release to coast & land. Mostly it was an excuse to use the new terrain generator I downloaded, and also to test out this bird controller, which I think came out pretty well. I especially wanted to test out techniques for landing on stuff, so be sure to try that out. To land on stuff, point at a surface and let go of space. You should automatically find a good spot and move there. If you try to move on something that's moving, though, it gets weird.

This is the song & title, if you're curious:
It's supposed to be what american english sounds like to an italian speaker.

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An event


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This was really neat! The

This was really neat!
The way everything synchronized with the beat combined with the very joyful aesthetic really brought my mood up a lot!
The pigeon also handles really well, smoothly turning to face where you're facing and landing cleanly without any glitches.

If anyone's seeing this, make sure you give this game a shot! It'd also be wise to try out Marek's other stuff as well!

Lots of Fun!

The motion effect you put on the buildings, trees, and vehicles that made them pulse in time with the music should have been done in the Katamari Damacy games...But I digress. Here are some notes I took that may help you with development and experimenting with the bird flight engine.

- I couldn't land atop the boat masts, but I could land on the edges of the sails. Seems like it should be the other way round, at least to me. I could also stand on the points of the radio tower (which was nice).
- Clipping through some of the structures, like those little cone-shaped grey things on top of the telephone poles.
- I could land on many of the yellow and blue buildings, but not on every one. Maybe there's a variable you need to switch on to enable edge landing on things?
- Yeah, attempting to land on moving figures (anything pulsing on the vertical axis) was difficult. Within the suburban area for example, I could land on the tires of cars, but not their roofs.
- Is there a way to hold the camera tighter on the bird? When the platform pulses or moves (like the red layers of the yellow buildings), the camera freaks out as it attempts to move back to the same spot behind the bird. This occurs even if you're looking at the bird's profile instead of from behind their shoulder.
- Is there any chance you can implement the pigeon walking? That would make this a PERFECT pigeon sim. Even with just little hops, this would be excellent. I found a house with an open door and wanted to hop around inside. :)
- The song is a fantastic choice...!

This was great fun to play! Best of success with your further experimentation. I think the bird engine has a lot of promise.

a lyric poem

A lyric little poem that teaches me to fly and makes me want to poop on all the things. The music is perfect and the buildings are a rockin' what a delightful day and me with a full belly.

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i saw the thumbnail and immediately fell in love with it. turns out it's marek again. i feel bad because there's so much cool stuff here and i keep going to marek's 3d stuff (for some reason 3d is the coolest thing to me). i really wish marek could make a living from doing these things. i want to become rich and be a patron.

for real, these are some of my favourite textures of any game. i don't know why. they're just silly and coherent enough to warm my beady heart. i also fell in love with the cars dancing most of all for some reason. i generally dislike cars especially in art but this is an exception.

it is so fun. i just really loved it. i also am thankful for now knowing that song. i watched the video and it is mesmerizing. the song is easy to listen to more than once, thank goodness.

i kinda wish there was a

i kinda wish there was a button for chirping and pooping to give the proper bird experience
dang dope game tho!!!