For Bc_ : Rude Finger Gangsters

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This game is for bc_, merry klikmas!

I played a little fast and loose with your requests, but I hope its still alright! You mentioned liking euro western more than great american western and i didn't know what that means so i watched "My Name Is Nobody" on netflix and I still don't know but anyway i set the game in a desert with lots and lots (and lots) of cacti. You play as a feller with a rude finger that you can use to poke the villains that surround you. It's got klipart villains and it uses to generate the dialog reactions. a little mno guy will follow you around as well. i used some artistic license on him but i used your drawings so i hope that all works out. oh and there's an explosino when you beat the boss. Oh! and that music you linked. it's made in unity so i can't post the events per se but the source is here if you want it.

controls: WASD to move
mouse to point
shift to sprint
you can beat the banditos by rude fingering them

also make sure you're connected to the internet because it downloads the cooltext in real time

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thank you for including me

thank you for including me in this wonderful game

I should have probably added this sooner.

I for one loved this, of course. After all why wouldn't I? It went excessively beyond anything I could have imagined a couple little ideas i drempt up, could congregate. Just taking those words and making an adventure like this not only sells your capability, but the capability of the program you used. There is absolutely nothing lackluster about it. It has this... FLOW to it.. It's as if you're there, everyone is there. They don't move around or make a sound. They just, they exist.

You even read my mind and made an integrated form of gameplay that's ... as far as I know untapped since all the joust and joust clones out there.. but they're not just jousting... They're rude. They output text that pops out. It doesn't make any sense how it does it and how it conjures it out of the cloud like that. The way you wrote it, how is that even possible? Then when nothing else hits you can still wander into the cactus?

With little guidance that I have provided you read what I wanted and even watched an oldschool henry fonda and terrence hill flick to boot.. That's a good one. If you're into the classics and think Terrence Hill fits your taste, I think he does a much better job in Ace High. He pairs up with the amazing Bud Spencer (he's a guy with a cool beard) and Eli Wallach does his job keeping everything together. I'd recommend more but this is about games for now and I'm not gonna watchlist +1 you out because you've provided so much and made the game playable on my machine. The Bjorn Lynne track gives it that vast forever feel that unity ALREADY provides and I only had played your other one that asked me for the contents folder. ... and the version you revised with the contents folder. Both versions of those were good.

This is the type of expletive that makes me just want to take a dive into your backlog of adventures and just take a tour of all the MKAPOLKA things to come. Thanks again and I hope you have a good Chinese New year cuz I missed wishing you well the others kind sir. Take care.