Suspiciious: A Love Letter To Delciious

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This game is both my love letter to Delciious, the game that kickstarted my activity here, and a love letter to GT itself. I probably wouldn't even be making games like this without this site. I love all of you. I am the secret santa to everyone this year.

Merry Chistmas.

2018 Extra Notes: Things aren't entirely clear here RE: controls. If the screen ain't moving from what it's on, try clicking the mouse. On the battle screen, use Z to shoot (why I never tell you this in game, I don't know.) In my recent playthrough of this, the "Shoot the Big One!" message appears before you're actually able to do so; you need a score of 200 or so in order to do so. Basically just hold Z and hammer X until it actually shoots the Big One. Then clickaroo on the 100 and you're through to the next round, baby.

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I couldn't progress after

I couldn't progress after 'chucking thebig one'.... but I do admire the well wishing you put in your write up for this game! I'm glad you've enjoyed your time here so much, I know I sure have!

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Hint: click 100! This game

Hint: click 100!

This game was surreal, confusing and I could barely see how it related to Delciious. Good job!

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7 out of 10 people find this

7 out of 10 people find this comment helpful

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actual irl reply: Thanks! It

actual irl reply: Thanks! It *was* originally gonna have some kind of gameplay section where you had to collect all the shit the bad dude threw at you and then fire it back up at him to destroy him but I GOT VERY LAZY, which usually happens with my big klik projects hahaha. As for the surrealness to it, i'm not quite sure where you're coming from with that but hey each to their own. In terms of the game being confusing, the only aspect of it that would relate would be the insane MIDIs I created for the game (bar the one MIDI that Smedis made) and the fact that everything is constantly shouting at you.

Replaying it now, I'm happy I didn't move the octopuses text in the final section simply because it actually fits with the scene. It is one of my better games, definitely. 18 still beats all though lmao.