Merry Cake-flavoured Chisrmas

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Merry Chisrmas, TheCakeFlavor!!

Joyeux Nolë, TheCakeFlavor !!

The downloadable version might not work right on Windows unless you changes the paths to some of the files? I ca nfix it up later if people want.

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This format is amazing, and

This format is amazing, and totally not what I was expecting from you!

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Muahahaha~ Thanks! Probably



Probably gunna use this little framework for a while. Just tidying a README and stuff up so it'll be shared on Github too. Maybe that's useful to someone?

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This is neat. I also like

This is neat. I also like the format a lot. I don't typically enjoy point&click games, but the layout here assures me that I don't need to search for clickable objects beyond just scanning the available tiles and hypertext options.
Lately I've been thinking a lot about composing aesthetic themes by placing objects, music, lights, and words together. I found these rooms inspirational. This group of places does express a sensibility I enjoy.

btw, download version worked for me.

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I think that was a big part

I think that was a big part of the appeal of using this format, being able to quickly put all sort sof media together, and play with that.

I just put the 'framework?' up on Github with an example game if you want to mess with it:

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finally got to play this game

this is better than I could have imagined. You perfectly capture completely different aesthetics, and the different senses thing is well done.

Love it!

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O phew! I was scared you

O phew! I was scared you wouldn't like it after you said you got board of Black Room

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This was a really fun

This was a really fun exploring game. It was really fun to see what each thing gave you. My favorite was the parrot, as I have many cats of my own and could identify. The sensory panel was the best touch.

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"the best.... touch" I "see"

"the best.... touch"
I "see" what you mean. "Hear" what I'm saying? I like your "taste".

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I smell a career in comedy

I smell a career in comedy for you two!!

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The format here is very

The format here is very cool, very indescipherable at first but as you click around it starts to make sense. I liked the room of all curtains and one hiding man, he made me laff.

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Bug report: going into the

Bug report: going into the pastel gallery and then back to the foyer opens the foyer in a new tab (but only the first time you do this).

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Oh ta. I knew I'd miss one

Oh ta. I knew I'd miss one of those when I changed the default link target.

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lol i wish i knew french! it was fun trying to read it anyways.

but yeah, i was also surprised by the format! i loved the smokey robinson story so much. this was far out. so cute