The Squite - Merry Klikmas Mr ._a!!!!

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Merry Klikmas mr._a!!!

I liked how all your disjoint inspiration phrases circled a particular aesthetic. I think I may have focused a bit much on the ugliness rather than the coziness, but I hope it's not too far from what you envisioned.

It's all mouse driven. Click to move and move the mouse to the edges of the screen to pan the camera.

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(the rest were cc0)

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Whoof. That was anxiety

Whoof. That was anxiety inducing in an interesting way. I totally murdered that person. I like how blood is treated as something mystical.

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something special!

something special!

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bagels in kiev

i want to be inside your mind when you make video game but also i don't

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Like a flying insect that

Like a flying insect that comes inside my house, I was trying to get outside the whole time. I think I have a whole new perspective on why they beat themselves against the windows now, like it's gonna eventually do something. The aesthetic was nice, I felt like I was spying on someone.

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I also totally murdered that

I also totally murdered that guy.
The whole thing looks and sounds slick as hell.