Rental Monoceres Heavy Industries Tree Ornament Applicator - For Blueberry Soft

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The holidays are a great time to take Monoceres Heavy Industries latest doo dad to spice up decorating. Fire things at the tree and they should stick to it. Press enter when you're done to admire your work. Restart the game if you wanna restart because it's 1am and I don't feel like doing the whole SceneManager.loadscene(0) somewhere, uh.

use keys 1-4 to select firing mode
1 - Bulbs
2 - Ribbon
3 - Lights
4 - Random models from several games i've released or not released
up - down - Aim
Space - Fire

ENTER - Stop tree to view your masterpiece

Exit with the Escape Key

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Thanks HJ! I'll report back when I have made time to play it, but it's already <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Ths is the perfect kind of

Ths is the perfect kind of Chrissie gift.

Really like the room textures.

And the company name :)

My cat likes the ribbons.

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hell yea!

hell yea!

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My tree was the best tree

OMG if this is what it was really like I'd actually get a tree. I really liked that everything didn't necessarily stick.

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Decorating a tree this way

Decorating a tree this way allows me to enjoy the tradition far more than I did the actual experience. Decorating a tree is supposedly fun, but typically the fragility of irreplaceable ornaments and the way bristles tangle and catch any string-like object stresses me out and frustrates me. If I could pour a box of last year's toys into a automatic shooter and watch as it spits them at a sticky rotating tree, the tree would be a much more enjoyable tradition.

Now I'm thinking that I should start making holiday slimes.

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This was really cool! Neat

This was really cool! Neat concept, well executed.