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In memory of all the dead mice.

In memory of all the dead mice.
Enjoy watching these mice for me.
In memory of all the dead mice.

Paperclip Mouse Number 0-∞
Peanutbutter Mouse Number 0-∞
Blueberry Mouse Number 0-∞
Mayo Mouse Number 0-∞
Socks Mouse Number 0-∞
Peppercorn Mouse Number 0-∞
Jeremy Beetle

credits and works cited

  1. gisbrecht - 11 Photos Mario Drawing Mouse Design
  2. ihavefivehat - 1 Background
  3. mno - 20 Photoshopped Photos Mario Drawing
  4. Alternative Play Practices by flan
  5. WATCH DUCKS! by thesycophant - (I traced this game for the intro sequence)

In memory of all the dead mice.

In memory of all the dead mice.

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This is a beautiful game.

This is a beautiful game. Thank you for including the source! And I'm glad I could help with the backgrounds :)

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thank you! Having plenty of collaborators and encouragement on 3rd Place really helped me focus and get it done.
I'm excited to collaborate more in the future. :o)

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This is a wonderful game. It

This is a wonderful game. It has such a big personality right from the get-go. The design of the mouse control is really well-done in particular; I enjoyed how it allowed all of the mechanics to be discovered accidentally - at least in my case. :) And (spoilers???) running out of lives but moving the player on to the next level anyway, giving them nothing to do but reflect on their loss and leaving them with no choice but to quit is a really genius touch. Great game.

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Thank you!

I'm glad some of those aspects came across well. :o) Thanks for giving it a shot!



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Sure, they are yours or whoever's. :o)

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Really nice art, but I'm

Really nice art, but I'm biased because you based some of the art on my jam promotional art. The intro is silly and is an interesting framing story, I liked holding down my mouse on the cat to make them meow a lot. This game kind of reminded me of Mario Paint but without the evil mario...

Here be your award: Hungriest Mice

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That mouse is so cute. It's weird seeing your drawing of the mouse now because I can see all the differences and such. There is an uncanniness of seeing it. Thank you for the award. I think it is a deserved award because I think they are the hungriest mice, and I am proud of their hunger. I should make something more explicitly Mario Paint like. The transforming hand is very directly inspired by that. I don't think Mario is evil, but we are all to our opinions. I'd like to hear more about why you think Mario is evil however.. :o)

such a rewarding experience.

such a rewarding experience. cute mice, well drawn, satisfying visual and audio feedback, was even frightening at some points. i am reminded of kid pix days. love all the interactions on the menu screen

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ihavefivehat was getting me to do that digging/drawing thing and said, 'make the circle vary size, like kid pix'. thank's for playing and commenting as always :o)

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Exceptional aesthetic. It

Exceptional aesthetic. It was weird realising it was never going to end unless I let my mice die. Although that kind of turned out to be wrong, since I still had to quit the game after that.

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thanks, I think I'm going to push myself in the future to make more visually appealing things.
owning pets is hard. thanks for playin' ;o)

I had a lot of fun with this one

Not sure what to add and it's been probably a month since I've played it, but it resonates in my mind. I had a good run with it, spending hours finding out its mechanics and upon discovering them they made sense. There's a certain degree to them that fits. It's uniform, has a good splash screen, has some rogue-like elements that can't quite be explained, then they're most likely potenially explained if you decide to delve into the sauce included.

There's a lot goin on here, I like the way the cat's implemented in that it scares the expletive out of you but it can be taken care of with, really just time. Explaining more would output giving less to the time involved here. It's like a lot of things in that it takes time out to purr time in to endow your clan with the resources needed to sabotage the next level. Something more could be added and something less could be subtracted as well, but it doesn't take the details away that we've resolved in this era where we're able to be spellbound into this environment known as the alternative to live, but the same more the less.

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my little mice

my little mice kept getting smooshed :(
they made cool sounds when you pet them tho :)

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after all these years

I finally made mouse box idle edition, Theo is now ineffective. windows kept giving me a false Trojan positive when trying to build this but hopefully it'll work.

enjoy! lemme know if there's any bugs.

MouseBoxIdleEdition.zip5.26 MB