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Help the tiny little mouse collect all the cheese by sweeping a safe path for them, avoiding all the traps in the way!

The game currently doesn't have a tutorial, sorry about that, so I highly recommend reading the included "how to play.txt". It contains all the controls and instructions on how to play. A tutorial might be added in a future version!

But here are the basic controls:
arrow keys - move the mouse, sweep, place flags
X or shift - toggle between placing flags or sweeping
escape - start a new level

Thank you for playing!

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An event


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this is a blast! the

this is a blast! the graphics and sound effects are so cute, and the theme works really well for the puzzle constraints! and it helps a lot to know that there always _is_ a solution, even if it might require guessing: I've been having a lot of fun figuring out deduction rules for trap locations based on that fact. thanks for making such a delightful little game!

- nikki

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thank you so much for the

thank you so much for the sweet comment! <3 glad you enjoyed it

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I did it!

I think I prefer this version of minesweeper. The picross-like hints really helped me in those all-too-common cases where you're walled off in a corner and the only way to progress is not by deduction but by taking a shot in the dark.

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Thank you so much! <3 And

Thank you so much! <3 And well done~ Solved without making any mistakes too, impressive!

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i am not good at minesweeper

i am not good at minesweeper but i love the little animations

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Thank you!! <3 Thanks for

Thank you!! <3 Thanks for giving it a try.
Honestly? I've always sucked at minesweeper. So it's kinda funny I ended up making a minesweeper clone.

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Very good!!! I love

Very good!!! I love minesweeper and this game is very funny...

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Love the little twist son

Love the little twist son the Minesweeper model. Having to move the mouse avatar instead of a mouse cursor is a neat change of pace, and I love the nonogram-style hints (even though I didn't notice them till after my first game D: )

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Thank you so much!! Glad you

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it. And oh gosh, it must have been really hard without those numbers/hints!

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Yeah, I think I just got

Yeah, I think I just got lucky my first game (though I am Minesweep pro gammer), 'cause I think I've needed them ever since.

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mice mouse rat m

This is very unique and adorable!!

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wow A+

I love this, so simple and clever, similar to the game this is referencing, but the simple changes make this game so unique and meaningfully different! wow i love it


Lovely little game, I keep coming back to it.


P.S. Bug report: move over uncovered trap whilst holding the flag and it removes the trap leaving a number (also lose a brush).

found a good one

this was a good puzzle
stumped me for a while
no guessing!

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i like you can peek behind

i like you can peek behind the cheeses a bit to get some information A++ would cheese again