mouse sector

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Game File (Linux): 

​a small constellation full of mysteries

"earth is so far away now ... "

thank you for your patience... i took so long to finish this video game... but it's here now... in space... full of mice and rats


programming, art, music:

cool ideas, testing:
mariken s.

sound effects:
zabuhailo @
peacewaves @
shyguy014 @

BINKY character and model by mariken s.

Made For: 
An event


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This game is absolutely beautiful. The gravity mechanic works so well. The music and the sense of exploration is so surreal, atmospheric, and sad. Very potent.

I had no idea what the controls were or what I could do at the start, shoulda read that Read Me I guess!
I'm not that deep into it yet, but I can see me playing this for quite a while.

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thank you! i hope you like

thank you! i hope you like exploring the mouse constellation and or finding secrets

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Thank you for making such a beautiful game... I'll have to write more eventually but for now know that... the Human World is the most confusing maze so far out of all the jam games. I'm honored to beta test and BINKY...

Here is your award: Most Out of This World Game

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thank you! i enjoyed the

thank you! i enjoyed the theme of the jam and making this a lot as you know! sorry for inflicting the human world upon you....

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this is brilliant

very atmospheric and perfectly executed!