Binky Eats Cake

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Hi, I'm Blake.

This Game I made a long time ago, but gisbrecht wanted me to post it here, so I remade the original and made it dragon ball themed and put the original here.

I made this game because I found this dragon that looked a lot like Binky.

Binky is by gisbrecht

Made For: 
An event


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why is there the tag v*re!?

why is there the tag v*re!? v*re does not exist in the BINKY Universe as per the OFFICIAL BINKY DEVELOPERS CONSISTENCY GUIDE 2014?

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It no longer says v*re. :-)

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You’re great at making

You’re great at making meaningful experiences using repetition as a mechanic.

There’s some Steve Reich style phasing happening with the dialogue.

And such an innovative detourning of puzzlescript.

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just saw this, i love steve reich! i can't imagine him playing this stupid ass game lol i'm glad you enjoyed it