Breach's Murmur: TraumRock

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Breach's Murmur: Traumrock

Traumrock - The german word for Dream Rock? What mysterious phrase to withhold.

Breach's Murmur - Traumrock

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Mouse - Look

Marie Gevaudan
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An event


hm this is good

hm this is good

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I enjoy watching the

I enjoy watching the structures be drawn so close to the camera.

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Thanks Clyde, I think I also

Thanks Clyde, I think I also did the minimal drawing distance in an older work called Angel Museum...

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Angel Museum benefits from

Angel Museum benefits from the audio layer. Playing through it makes me wonder what Breach's Murmur:TraumRock sounds like.

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Interesting Use of Draw Distance

Nice use of draw distance. Makes me think of how you could use something like this to make some sort of more interactive experience with the way the draw distance is used. I kind of just looked at the bottom map to navigate. There is an interesting dichotomy between what you "actually see" and what is on that kinda map. I think one of my favorite areas was the sort of tunnel because you couldn't predict what the inside would look like from the top down view, where you could kinda predict what the insides of most other areas would be. I saw the maze like area and I think that would have been a fruitful thing to play with, but I just jumped over everything. I totally dug the sorta jpeg aesthetic and the border. I'd really like to see something else that continues this sort of interesting use of draw distance.

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The bottom map was a last

The bottom map was a last minute addition because I realized the game would be of an disorienting nature without it.

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That was great

It brought me back to like 10 years ago when I played Morrowind and Oblivion on a very shitty computers and could only run them by turning the draw distance down to like 5 feet. At the time I hated it, but now looking back on it it's actually really mysterious and beautiful in a grimy sort of way.

Anyway, I also liked the frame and the use of the minimap as sort of compositional elements. Nice stuff.

edit: Now I'm getting into just searching for footage of games running on ultra-low settings. This one is pretty awesome.

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interesting game but it

interesting game but it didn't close when i pressed esc on Mac

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My apologies, I finished

My apologies, I finished this game when I was very tired and forgot to add an escape.

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I ended up recording a let's

I ended up recording a let's play of Breach's Murmur.

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Thank you for making this

Thank you for making this Let's Play. No the game isn't procedurally generated. The minimap was added for navigation because I was getting lost myself. I don't remember how I made the cube model, but thanks again.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for making and sharing your game.

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I really like hopping my

I really like hopping my eyes between both views. Catching a bit of architecture out the corner of my eye in the small view and heading for it.

I like the idea of a game world viewed in split screen where each view would show parts that others didn't.

Closest things I can think of are Screencheat and that ghost camera one and games with security cameras.... and this of course. Maybe I will make this game I am thinking of.

So you got my brain buzzing, thanks!

Interesting to explore

Interesting to explore