1HGJ Vol. 1

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This is a compilation of games made in one hour (or thereabouts) for One Hour Game Jam. It's been an interesting experience for me participating in this throughout the year, typically consisting of waking up at 8am on Sundays to groggily pump something out of The Games Factory before heading out to fulfil other obligations.

Basic controls are arrow keys and spacebar. The game will tell you if you need to press other things.

Some of the games included are sequels to games I've posted here dating back to 2010. Playing them probably isn't necessary, though.

If desired, you can see my 1HGJ submissions individually here.

Thanks to jacklehamster for alerting me to the existence of One Hour Game Jam via Cup Flipper. Thanks also to the One Hour Game Jam community for helping me express myself quickly and regularly, this year would probably not have been creatively fulfilling for me otherwise.

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Very Cool Monument

What a great way to connect all your 1HGJ projects into the same experience! Congrats on your release. :)

And since this is labeled as "volume 1," does that mean you're planning to release something at the end of next year, too? Any advice for those who are considering doing the same or similar kind of thing in 2018?

And finally: what do you think of as the most valuable lesson you picked up this year as a result of the 1HGJ?

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I held off on responding

I held off on responding until I'd actually made something this year. Now that I have, Vol. 2 is probably inevitable.

I have no advice and I don't know what I learned.

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I really like the games and

I really like the games and I really like the presentation. Neat projects all, but linking them in this way adds a lot. It feels like a real sort of video game album.

Some individual comments:

Inching is a thing of beauty.

The game you never tested is an overwhelming spectacle.

Enough Space is 100% the kind of thing I love. I love it.

I love the visuals on Mushroom Maze, the original version of which I'd never actually played. I was really drawn into that very thinly but evocatively sketched world.