Spread Joy

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World peace is the scariest thing of all.

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An event


That is the most burlers i've ever run into in a while

great use of him.. I'd have to say chime crime is the most efficient use of the burglar burler guy or the first stage of Mr. Babbo, but this was before that era, way before.. We're talking primordial times of the burglar. I had a stage where you'd throw flowers at him to make him change his ways in uggin it, I didn't realize how much of a statement that was till I played this. the ending graphics are superb as when you put production in your stuff you don't disappoint, if anyone has the power to reach the ending. It's not easy spreading joy and bringing unity to the entire planet but hey, if you can, enjoy some cool graphics right? that's the least of what you should get for achieving this. World's messed up, and if you're okay with jester moving too fast which i dunno it still gives me jitters, then check it out by all means.

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Your reviews are the best.

Your reviews are the best.