Super Distressing Planet

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the spiritual successor to super relaxing planet. this one's distressing instead. lots of upsetting tweets and headlines I found on my hard drive that will stress you out. lots of politics so be warned. made to vent

also cw: fake-ass gore and blood FX

takes a long time to load, which I assume will add to the stress.

Made For: 
An event


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The planet was sufficiently

The planet was sufficiently unpleasant, wouldn't want to live there.

I liked what you did with the buttons, or at the two I found. :3

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thank you!

thank you!

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I explored the planet

I explored the planet and it was a very interesting experience.
The air horn people were the most annoying.
Those tweets were definitely distressing.
The mosquiitoes kept me on my toes.
I had fun trying to climb on top of a skeleton and also various signs and tweets.
I pressed a button and some eyes bled while my PC melted so I had to close the planet but I'll definitely visit again when I'm braver!

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thank you!

thank you!

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I'm working on something

I'm working on something kind of similar (though I include things that comfort me as well) so it was interesting for me to be able to compare my project to this result. I wonder how working on this effected you. Was it cathartic or did it thicken the funk of dealing with this subject matter? Was venting successful for you?
I love the planetoid format, but it makes placing things so much harder.

I enjoyed walking around your distresses.

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thanks! if you're wondering

thanks! if you're wondering about placing, though- I made a seperate program that automatically places objects based on the relative angle to the planet's centre, so it was easier to place them (I actually made this for super relaxing planet- this game is just built on the same code)!

as for catharsis, it was good catharsis as most games I make are- if they're not cathartic I rarely finish them. there has to be urgency to the feelings and messages therein. The venting was successful, in this regard. it was fun to just take these things I hate and arrange them like a little garden. to help me figure it all out and to help see them in relation to eachother as one big picture.