the killers

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Made in RPGM VXA - just a small game i made this morning

i like JRPG tropes: the idea of impossible foes/battles designed as real but are in fact scripted (to lose) and the idea of hero destiny (the heroes can't lose 'cause that's how the game was written) are common in JRPGs since their inception. i think it's pretty cool when you're playing a JRPG and you think it's a hopeless boss fight but it's just a really hard regular boss fight and you let the boss kill you.

the killers is also informed by the stories 'the killers' & 'a good man is hard to find'

thanks for playing (▰˘◡˘▰)

Nilson Carroll
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An event


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i didn't read the

i didn't read the description until after i started playing, i read A good Man is Hard To Find a while ago, i didn't realize that influence while i was playing, but it makes sense.
the game was very unsettling to me in a sort of cathartic way. something about the idea of destroying yourself in a final fight, not necessarily out of a sense of justice, because you know there's nothing you can do, but just for a sense of climax because there's nothing else except running away.

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Thanks for playing~! I was

Thanks for playing~! I was worried the game would seem too edgy or something which goes against my usual tastes, but I think it came out okay. There's something sort of superstitious about games - I remember when I was a kid, I'd make my dad do the part in Ocarina of Time where you race to get Epona and I'd leave the room because I was so nervous my presence would mess it up (even though I was probably way better at the game than him). The act of playing a game then turning it off, or letting someone else beat it (or die in it), the inevitability of playing the narrative, I think, feels the most extreme in RPGs.