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Hack Your Face


1 large game (2 medium games), 3 small games, 1 medium game

produced by 000, 888, DEN, EIT, FF2, and GIS

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

If you would like to participate in upcoming releases,
either join the DISCORD
or email us at jrpgcombatsystems @ gmail . com

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honor system platformer

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.05.23 AM.png

arrows keys to move, space to jump (release to stop jumping)
avoid the spikes please

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The Nervous System (1)


This ran over. I started at 4, when I was supposed to start ("started" loosely, I sat around being fucked up for half an hour) but instead of finishing at 6 I finished at 8. Oh well!

This is a prototype for a more complicated game I'm planning to make and name The Nervous System. In its current form, it's basically a slightly weird form of Snake.

Mac and Windows versions included. My score was 25.

EDIT: PS, source code

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bear attack simulation system


------------------- Walkthough/F.A.Q -----------------------

In this walkthrough, I will explain how to get past the bear without getting hit, and then finish the game. Some people claim to be impossible, however, I will prove them wrong.


||||||||||||| CHAPTER 1 ||||||||||||||||

press down

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