honor system platformer

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arrows keys to move, space to jump (release to stop jumping)
avoid the spikes please

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An event



I thought the way you implemented the jump was ingenious. Really enjoyed the surprise of finding out how to move back down the map while jumping.

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I don't think it is a

I don't think it is a spoiler to just say that players will want to hold down 'space' for your jumps.

I really enjoyed having the visual prompts mixed with player-input and feedback without a collision-system or world-gravity. It reminds me of drawing platformers in my sketchbook and imagining movements on them. It reveals my affection for both the traditional platformer parts included and the ones that are excluded.

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i think i sort of get the

i think i sort of get the idea, like that game asphyx, except not explicitly said, i enjoyed it for what it was
it would've been interesting to build up people's expectations with a few levels, and suddenly make it that people don't have the honors system anymore and it works like a normal platformer

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Thanks for mentioning

Thanks for mentioning Asphyx. If you happen across a version with sound, tell me.

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This reminds me of Platform

This reminds me of Platform RC.

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Haha. I was gunna say it

Haha. I was gunna say it reminded me of Pretend You're Platforming.