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The Nervous System (1)


This ran over. I started at 4, when I was supposed to start ("started" loosely, I sat around being fucked up for half an hour) but instead of finishing at 6 I finished at 8. Oh well!

This is a prototype for a more complicated game I'm planning to make and name The Nervous System. In its current form, it's basically a slightly weird form of Snake.

Mac and Windows versions included. My score was 25.

EDIT: PS, source code https://bitbucket.org/runhello/nervous

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Pixel Perfect 3


And a third one. This is the last, I swear.

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Pixel Perfect 2

pp2 screen.png

Yeah I made another one.

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Second Person Shooter


This is a test project made with 3DRad. It's just a quick gag I made while trying to learn how to use this interesting program. Remember to mash ESCAPE the moment the joke stops being funny.

Crappy gun model from here:

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