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Fighting Game


An experience for 2 men. Women can play this game if they want to, but they won't be able to fully understand it since it deals with concepts that are elemental to the male psyche such as 'manliness', 'being a man', 'grunting at another man' and 'punching another man'.

Punch the other man's head, torso, upper legs, and lower legs before they punch yours.

Pilot your fist using the arrow keys.

Press your 'charge' button to charge forward with a more powerful punch. You can use this to destroy pieces of the other man's arm as well as his fist.

Press your 'punch' button to explode your fist and teleport back to your body. Use this to defend against the other man.

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Life, death and mushrooms

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.10.04 PM.png

a surreal exploration game, contains blood, so beware !

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Country Bear's Bottomless Pit of Despair


Country Bear, fresh from finally snapping, has a new game for you to play. Your only choice is to head for the bottom and hope for the best.

Download the 32-bit Enhanced version for slightly better graphics and Windows Vista and up compatibility.

Ian M. Burton
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Game Hitler didn't play in his free time (BECUZ ITS TO AWEZUM !1!!11!!!)


Sane people make games, insane people...(like me) make things that... well, kinda suck.
But fear not, it's not as bad as you might think (It's even worse), so give it a try today.
And by the way, to unlock the premium features you just have to send 9999999€ to North pole, Santa Street 10.
Thank you for your understanding"

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