Mega Mountain 2100

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Mega Mountain 2100 is a "climbing platformer metroidvania" without an ability to jump that's an unofficial sequel to the Glorious Trainwrecks classic Mega Mountain.

It's heavily inspired by indie classics like Cave Story, Undertale and Mega Mountain.

The game isn't finished yet. The game *.exe and the page are placeholders and everything can change at any time.

- not too much, it's a demo.

(C) 2017 Adrian Makes Games. Original Mega Mountain by sylvie. Made with love.

Adrian Makes Games
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Protohm Johnny's picture

Definitely impressed with

Definitely impressed with where this is going!
Feels and looks far better than the original pre-alpha I played a bit ago.

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I can definitely see the

I can definitely see the Cave Story influences here! The wall climbing mechanic are interesting. I haven't played the original Mega Mountain but after playing this I think I'll go check it out.