Hawai'i Gaiden

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the sequel to you have to take a trip to hawai'i

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Another clever installment...! Couldn't make it past the second stage in this one, at least in my first play-through. Maybe it's one of those situations where I need to sleep on it, and I'll wake up at 3 in the morning screaming out the solution.

EDIT: Aha!!!

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Got it!

That 4-boat 2-box 2-brick all on water puzzle was pure evil. I am proud to say I managed to defeat it. My sense of symmetry did however have a heart attack at the solution.

The sound effects, the calm story and the setting give the game an unexpectedly nice tone. The ending didn't seem out of place -- at first I wondered if I had progressed too far (winning past the legit levels and ending up in placeholders) -- but then things neatly polished that up into something that felt like it fit the setting.

Thankyou lovebug :)

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Glad you enjoyed ·:D

Glad you enjoyed ·:D