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VIDEOPULP: Super Carty™'s Dread


VIDEOPULP: Super Carty(tm)'s Dread

by Mariken S. and fotocopiadora



Video games.... are they just garbage?

From the creator of the award winning BINKY series and the maker of Muscle World (featured in PC Gamer, whoever they are?) comes a new video game based on real world events. Please make use of the supplemental material provided in the folders to immerse yourself in the world of truthful information and fully understand what it means to be VIDEOPULP. Thank you and "veel geluk"!



WASD/Arrow Keys - move
Mouse+Left Click - navigate menus
Numbers 1 Through 0 - it's a secret



- Press SPACE(?) during the introduction sequence to make it go faster
- Be careful not to breach copyright law
- Books contain important information



- Samples from James Ferraro - KFC City 3099
- Samples from Ishikawa Kozue - Boss Fight (W*rio Land 3)
- Samples from Super M*rio 64
- Club Nintendo Extra article translated from Dutch by @gamegeschied
- Text from Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus



- Pedro Paiva for making M*rio Empalado
- @gamegeschied for translating the article and uploading many pictures of M*rio mascot
- Supper Mario Broth for posting M*rio mascot with steamroller


Mariken S. and fotocopiadora
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Mario Power Paintbrush


Walk to Toadstool's elegant charity ball while collecting as many sparkling coins as possible.

* Left click - extend the road.
* Space - run.

This game is more fun if you draw plenty of loops.

Inspired by that Kirby game for the DS, and possibly those other line riding games.

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A Proper Occasion for Ripped Sprites


In celebration of the 25th, I have crafted 25 mini-levels to jump through!

I went waaaay overtime on this.

MMF2 has really lousy performance when it comes to rotating/scaling sprites in software rendering.

Shift jumps.
Hold Shift to jump higher, and to bounce higher off the note blocks.
Don't leave any edge of the screen.
Don't hit any Spinies.
Grab the Super Mushroom. If there are coins, grab them first. Then the Super Mushroom will appear.
You can bounce upward off the top corners of the note blocks.
You can go to any number level by typing that number into the File -> Password dialog.
The "Ow, that really huuurht!" voice clip was by Malefact. Sorry.

Edit: You might want to install the "Arcade" font to play this, but it's totally optional.

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