VIDEOPULP: Super Carty™'s Dread

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VIDEOPULP: Super Carty(tm)'s Dread

by Mariken S. and fotocopiadora



Video games.... are they just garbage?

From the creator of the award winning BINKY series and the maker of Muscle World (featured in PC Gamer, whoever they are?) comes a new video game based on real world events. Please make use of the supplemental material provided in the folders to immerse yourself in the world of truthful information and fully understand what it means to be VIDEOPULP. Thank you and "veel geluk"!



WASD/Arrow Keys - move
Mouse+Left Click - navigate menus
Numbers 1 Through 0 - it's a secret



- Press SPACE(?) during the introduction sequence to make it go faster
- Be careful not to breach copyright law
- Books contain important information



- Samples from James Ferraro - KFC City 3099
- Samples from Ishikawa Kozue - Boss Fight (W*rio Land 3)
- Samples from Super M*rio 64
- Club Nintendo Extra article translated from Dutch by @gamegeschied
- Text from Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus



- Pedro Paiva for making M*rio Empalado
- @gamegeschied for translating the article and uploading many pictures of M*rio mascot
- Supper Mario Broth for posting M*rio mascot with steamroller


Mariken S. and fotocopiadora
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I actually found this more

I actually found this more terrifying than most actual horror games I've played so I suggest that any idea of a GT Halloween jam may as well be abandoned as this would beat all comers. Given that I actually included Mario in a game of mine (one that probably nobody played luckily) I fear that this may haunt my nightmares. I actually managed to escape him on my third or fourth attempt by getting him jammed up on the scenery but then there was nowhere to go so all I could do was stand there thinking "Fuck you Mario" as the sounds continued and then end the game with a shiver. I really liked all the supplemental material; it gave the whole package the feel of being an interactive documentary.

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mac version is fixed now ?

mac version is fixed now ?

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Linux Users

Use chmod +x on the file...

And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

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finally a game I can just

finally a game I can just walk around and enjoy being a carty... eh? What's that sound in the distance... it sounds like... ice cream... ? [indistinct WAHOOs getting louder]

the text scroll & the slow pan at the beginning & the cultist-like "GAME ENTHUSIASTS" & carty's shambling & the music all communicate DREAD. carty's (and so my own) first encounter with mr. steamroll himself is one of my new favorite things in games. got stuck between a laugh and a shriek of terror. I like the cycle between mario getting stuck and mysteriously unstuck. also the sad inevitability—like as far as I understand the only way to "finish" the game is for carty to get smashed. I mean it's based on a true story !

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the pig in a poke cannot be spoke

a fantastic summation of the figurehead MARIO. here his teeth are bared brazenly, but- have they not always been so? VIDEOPULP brings a light onto this sharp bite, not only bringing it to direct attention, but reflecting the position of the viewer in relation to it... he's going for your throat, no! it's too late.

those who cheer on their corporate overlord, their digital icon, their physical capital hoarding are, too, eaten up in the process. they are not bystanders, or overseers. though they maintain the public attention for the other side of the matter, they are ultimately as worthless to MARIO as the cartridges he seeks to destroy under his metal feet.

"but surely", one in doubt may respond, "this is in jest! an exaggeration of outward appearances. truly, it could not be so." to take such a perilous position, is to doubt the sky above as the ground below. is the supplemental material not evidence enough? is the relentless nature of a cold corporation in pursuit of only maintaining its own revenue streams not apparent from decades of such acts? no, it has not been enough, perhaps never will be enough. still to this day, MARIO is allowed to smile.

that was cool, i like the

that was cool, i like the intro. it was a pretty scary game. nice graphics!!!

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Beautiful Literature

very effective horror game. I like how you cannot control your perspective when the monster is chasing you. the monster. It feels like an interesting mechanical twist to like impending anxiety. The shift of perspective and how it relates to the controls. I also really liked the immediate simple controls with this fast turning camera. the subject also feels very timely though it is so referential to 'historic events'. My favorite part was when the monster hits one of the people standing around. this game is interesting because of how it is essentially a walking sim in some ways. I like the idea of wanting to die in a walking sim because the anxiety is too constant. good art, cute character, good mario. I like the wheels especially. good game y'all