"I don't like Mondays" or "Who Really is the Cookiest Ghost in the Land?" or "Third time's the charm"

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This is the first game in RPG Maker or RPG Maker 2003 that I ever made! I watched a bunch of tutorials and they told me to make this game, so here it is!

Tell me if you have any problems running this game.

Have fun!

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An event


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This was really charming! The really really long knock knock joke was fantastic.

I was intrigued by the art in the title screen and at the end of the game. Something about teenage ghosts... innocent sincerity surviving into death. It brings back memories of some people in my high school class who died in a car accident. It wasn't anyone I knew very well, but their absence was still hard to deal with.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! I

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I also accept "Something about teenage ghosts..." and "innocent sincerity surviving into death" as titles for this game. I'm glad you read into those title screens, I was partially worried no one would.

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I reached the end. Spent a

I reached the end. Spent a long time wandering in that infinite maze before figuring it out. The ghost interactions were my favourite part.