musty old scraps

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here are some graphics from unfinished projects from the last ~12 years. a lot of these never passed the embryonic stage. you might recognise some of these from my collage in the gt x bc zine.
these are released under the "do whatever you like if by any chance you find anything useful" license.

musty old scraps.7z32.46 MB


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lost years or night walk

lost years or night walk looked rad. this bastard island 3d reignites my desire to work on garish dungeon crawlers.


I remember playing your single-player version of .trac back in the day, and had some fun with it. Those sprites would be cool for a spaceship racing game. I'll see what I can come up with... I've been wanting to come up with a race betting game and this would be a solid opportunity that's not too far off from your original.