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Fri, 3 April 2020
(comment)00:24event2020 GT Family Reunionquasiotterbadical!
Thu, 2 April 2020
(comment)16:28gamehomezonez88let-off-studiosSector 8Great
(diff) (hist)15:08gameCrum: Asset Pack for Marek & Coeverythingstaken
(comment)10:15gameSonic's Youth: Game Design DocumenteverythingstakenThanks!
Wed, 1 April 2020
(diff) (hist)23:09gamenew homezonez88eels
(comment)12:43gameFind the WormeverythingstakenClassic
(diff) (hist)12:22gameFind the Wormspiralfixed line breaks for the credits section
(diff) (hist)12:20gamenew Find the Wormspiralversion 1.2
(comment)11:45game1HGJ: Borrow Bearmkapolkthis is the best minecraft
(diff) (hist)11:14gamenew Text Garden GameIsThisStatic
(diff) (hist)00:06eventDiscord Town Hall: Sekret Santa Eventslet-off-studios
Tue, 31 March 2020
(comment)15:43event2020 GT Family ReunionsergiocornagaI love it.
(comment)05:13event2020 GT Family Reunionlet-off-studiosJust For sergiocornaga
(comment)02:18game1HGJ: Borrow BearsergiocornagaThose last two squirrels
(comment)02:09gameFuzzy DicesergiocornagaI like that getting a good
(comment)02:03gameAngela Merkel, elle est bien?sergiocornagaIf I recall correctly,
(comment)01:56gameShoe ShoosergiocornagaGood for cultivating a fear
(comment)01:55gameArgumentsergiocornagaI found this relatable. By
(comment)01:53gameErasersergiocornagaThe characters are very
(comment)01:48gameElection SimulatorsergiocornagaI didn't realise how many
(comment)01:46game1HGJ: BirdmansergiocornagaThe birdsounds are very
(comment)01:43gameSonic's Youth: Game Design DocumentsergiocornagaI like this. The write-up
Mon, 30 March 2020
(diff) (hist)14:24eventDiscord Town Hall: Sekret Santa Eventslet-off-studios
(comment)02:35gameFuzzy Dicebpseudopod55. Theoretical top score is
Sun, 29 March 2020
(comment)21:24gameMYCOTERROR ]|[ UNOFFICIAL WALKTHROUGH2smanI love this! Was a beautiful
(comment)20:36gameVirtual Library M312smanThanks Ike. This was all
(comment)16:43gameplatformin' norman and the curse of no variable jumpingquasiottermn,nm,nm,.
(comment)16:21gameDialogue Treequasiotterfdsafds
(comment)15:08event2020 GT Family Reunionlet-off-studiosComment Fuel
(comment)14:59gameNew Jersey Transit2smani loved it, one of my fave
(comment)14:43gameChess Simulation2smannice design!
(comment)14:32gameCrum: Asset Pack for Marek & Co2smanok this game is kind of
(comment)14:22gameLegless Snake (No Legs)2smangood sounds and legs. i
(comment)14:13gamefun and cute2smanoh! i didn't know bout this
(comment)14:07gameFuzzy Dice2smanNeeds a leader board! :) I
(comment)14:06game1HGJ: Borrow Bear2smanPretty good! I donned a bear
Sat, 28 March 2020
(diff) (hist)15:32gamenew 1HGJ: Borrow Bearlet-off-studios
(diff) (hist)14:14gamenew Fuzzy Dicetininsteelian
(comment)13:28gameRatz For DinnerGroulThank you! I'm glad the
(comment)11:23gameRatz For Dinnerlet-off-studiosAn Incredible Voyage
(comment)05:13gameLate Christmas, a Game for AKAIRakairYeah, it looked really cool!
Fri, 27 March 2020
(diff) (hist)20:48gamenew Ratz For DinnerGroul
(comment)11:24gameDon Orlo's Magazine - Issue #1jacquelinetoss out your old new yorkers!
Wed, 25 March 2020
(comment)17:35gameLate Christmas, a Game for AKAIRhellojedAwesome! I'm so glad you
(diff) (hist)01:13eventnew Discord Town Hall: Sekret Santa Eventslet-off-studios
Tue, 24 March 2020
(comment)20:33gameKnock Knock - Stranger SimulatorsergiocornagaThat was neat! I think a
(comment)15:45gameMini Museumgisbrechtunfortunately didnt seem to
(comment)15:08gameBINKY Gaiden 59146: Flower Napgisbrechtbinky forgives you just let
(comment)15:07gameDeath Night, Death: 10th Anniversary Deluxe EditiongisbrechtWhat a brilliant review,
(comment)14:28gameThe Terrorfotocopiadorai loved it! very interesting
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