Open World Jam

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it's the first time i finished a game and im nearly a complete beginner with clickteam, but anyway it was cool i enjoyed making this game

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Did I beat the game?

I've collected 16 dolls and the game stopped. Is it the was it supposed to be?

Still, I don't get a purpose of this game.

Btw, I write guides on games, here is my site
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Hi moosegoose, I'm always

Hi moosegoose, I'm always glad to see new folks engaging with the games here, but "by the way, here's a link to my unrelated website" is not really a great first interaction. I've removed the self-promotional link but kept the feedback.

Still no answer from the

Still no answer from the author of the post.

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amusing collage, it's

amusing collage, it's fitting that i played this (almost) on 9/9