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Tue, 19 December 2017
(comment)15:51forumI deleted a game yesterday.let-off-studiosPositive
(comment)12:43forumI deleted a game yesterday.everythingstaken!!!
(diff) (hist)09:08forumnew I deleted a game yesterday.SpindleyQ
(diff) (hist)05:42gamenew The Cursed Gallery v0.1sergiocornaga
Mon, 18 December 2017
(comment)20:05gameBINKY I: Binky's House PartyclydeBinky might should have put
(comment)19:58blogCYBUNK 2: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITIONclydeSweet.
(diff) (hist)19:57blognew JSON files in Unityclyde
(comment)19:48gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017quasiotterSide B: Ruby Bizarre
(comment)19:36gameBouncy Ballsquasiotterhandstand
(comment)19:34gameSuper Kaizo Plingquasiotterdance for you
(comment)19:33gameKaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Plingquasiotterpink light
Sun, 17 December 2017
(diff) (hist)19:35gamenew lab explorationfishster
(diff) (hist)18:31gameProject A.S.I.S.let-off-studios
(comment)17:37gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017JohnnyYou're welcome! I'm looking
(diff) (hist)10:18gameREHOST OF Jumper: Opposing Forcesncrecchaving bad memories from not knowing how to skip advertisements
(comment)08:49gameKaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Plinglet-off-studiosYep.
(diff) (hist)08:08gameKaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Plingncreccno santa
(diff) (hist)08:08gamenew Kaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Plingncrecc
(comment)07:36gameSmilie ScreensaverMacabreThanks! Hopefully I'll make
(comment)07:22gameSmilie ScreensaverUnknownGreat screensaver
Sat, 16 December 2017
(diff) (hist)19:18gameBouncy BallsOmegaPC777
(diff) (hist)19:17gameBouncy BallsOmegaPC777
(diff) (hist)19:16gamenew Bouncy BallsOmegaPC777
(diff) (hist)18:14gameProject A.S.I.S.let-off-studios
(comment)16:33gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017mkapolkThis came out really well!
(comment)15:16gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017JohnnyYeah, the folks did great
(comment)15:15gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017JohnnyJust walk to the end where
(diff) (hist)13:31gamenew Smilie ScreensaverMacabre
(comment)10:55gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017DrambiqueWow! These were really fun
(comment)10:23gameAutumn Chain-Game 2017karen-kso cool! however i can't
Fri, 15 December 2017
(diff) (hist)23:33gamenew Autumn Chain-Game 2017Johnny
(comment)22:29gameits the pacboy from pixelsJohnnyYou done dang did it
(diff) (hist)22:23gamenew Project A.S.I.S.let-off-studios
(diff) (hist)00:08gameits the pacboy from pixelsTheCakeFlavoradded proof
Thu, 14 December 2017
(diff) (hist)23:36gamenew its the pacboy from pixelsTheCakeFlavor
(comment)07:55eventSekret Santa 2017let-off-studios*bump*
(comment)07:48gamePress the buttonlet-off-studiosSymbiosis
(comment)07:48gameRhymes with Artlet-off-studiosCart
(comment)06:58gamePress the buttonsergiocornagaTrial-and-errorific!
(diff) (hist)06:16gamePress the buttonOmegaPC777
(diff) (hist)06:14gamenew Press the buttonOmegaPC777
(comment)05:59gameRhymes with ArtOmegaPC777I wanted it to be short and
(comment)00:12gameRhymes with ArtsergiocornagaGood stuff. I liked cart!
(comment)00:08gameIt's Not ComplicatedsergiocornagaYou can put &a=1 at the end
Wed, 13 December 2017
(comment)17:42gameIt's Not ComplicatedOmegaPC777That morphing transition
(comment)17:35gameit wajadOmegaPC777What an achievement!
(comment)17:03gameAlbert Hofmann's Xperimental CyclingOmegaPC777This sure is trippy! Good
(comment)16:40gameWatch Ducks LegacyOmegaPC777Nice game!
(diff) (hist)16:38gameRhymes with ArtOmegaPC777
(diff) (hist)16:35gamenew Rhymes with ArtOmegaPC777
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