Gaze Surp

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NOTE: this is not a game, it is audio only!

I (Ruffty) and Nikki were editing music for our current game jam entry, and ended up making process music out of a loop we were trying to shorten. imagine that!! rather than put in the effort to determine the loop point of the piece if we tried repeating the components forever, we made a little clickteam engine that plays it FOR YOU, in a much smaller file size.

Once you run it, the only things you can do are pressing Escape to quit, or T to show the (very glitchy) timing offset calculation. It's hidden by default because it is so glitchy. Also you can't hide it again- consequences of yer actions? Finally, the initial timing offset is subject to a very small variation because Clickteam cannot be infinitely precise, unfortunately.

I think it sounds really cool around 3 minutes in!

Audio - 'Geyser' midi from "Sky Monday", by Richard Gale
Audio Editing - Ruffty & Nikki
Font - Pixel Unicode, by Iván Coello

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An event


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beautiful steve reich-like

beautiful steve reich-like synchronizations