On October 26th, 2009, Geocities was shut down, and all its content deleted. Among that data were some tremendously valuable and terrible Klik & Play, TGF, Flash, and QBasic games, and beautiful early 90s web design.

Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com believes in preserving our history. As such, we have mirrored what we were able to find before Geocities died. All mirrored sites were also submitted to the Archive Team for more centralized preservation.

All of the Klik & Play games hosted on the pages below have been uploaded to archive.org and are now playable in your browser.

  1. Jandal's Webpage
  2. AJC Software Unlimited
  3. Creation Madness
  4. The Unofficial Homepage of Click & Create The Games Factory Klik & Play
  5. Martin's Klik & Play Homepage
  6. Ben's Klik & Play Page
  7. Cerberus
  8. The Mystery Spot
  9. DB Trash Game Zone
  10. Games by Me! im sorry to say...
  11. Banana World
  12. The World of GeminiSaint
  13. : : : ACNOID'S : : :
  15. annoyboy
  16. AntiMatter Entertainment
  17. ButtWeasel Studios
  18. Free Game Central
  19. Pilotwood
  20. Electric Moo
  21. Gigantic Fantasy
  22. Hooligan Games
  23. JosepGames
  24. DarkGod Productionz
  25. Anal Games
  26. Mugg's Site
  27. Niklas Hemsida
  28. Lurios
  29. Peter Bone index page
  30. pLeitorian (Klik N Play Zelda Clones)
  31. Multimedia files
  32. Scudmissile Productions
  33. Secret Software
  34. Shadow's Realm
  35. Sprite's Aquarium
  36. Spyros HQ
  37. Super Steven 3001
  38. Todd Hester's awesome web page
  39. Chris Craft's Click & Create Connection
  40. MultiMedia Fusion Online
  41. Shrooms' Home Page
  42. Dave's Domain - Center of the Universe

Here are some pages that were saved that don't have downloadable games, but seemed too beautiful to throw away.

  1. Thexder's Unofficial Homepage
  2. A delightful-looking Klik & Play textbook
  3. Ultra Car & Walkerton Gallery (prominent internet cartoonist David Willis was an influential figure in the Geocities Klik scene)
  4. Mügyür Játékok
  5. Videogame Fandatabase
  6. The Devil's Triangle
  7. Making The Most of Adventure Games out of Klik 'n Play
  8. M.U.D. Gallery