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Mon, 29 October 2018
(comment)00:51gameThe Bloody Game Terror That Melted MesergiocornagaThis was a real treat to
Sun, 28 October 2018
(diff) (hist)22:10gamerain gameOrb Zone
(comment)18:26gameThe popcorn gameLynxJumpscare for halloween
(comment)14:56gamerain gameOrb Zoneoh yeah whoops
(diff) (hist)14:55gamenew rain gameOrb Zoneheeeheeehee now i know c# better watch out fuckkersss!!!!
(comment)07:40blogmy first update on my "first" gameNedStormFishI set it up
(comment)06:12blogmy first update on my "first" gameqrleonWith ROM space at a premium,
(comment)03:07gameThe Bloody Game Terror That Melted MefizzhogA dire warning! Genuinely
(comment)02:52gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone CatastrophefizzhogThe swirl effect is made
(comment)02:49gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone CatastrophefizzhogThanks for all the nice
Sat, 27 October 2018
(comment)22:21gameThe Bloody Game Terror That Melted Meclydeuh yeah. this is pretty good.
(comment)21:22gameSMOKER BLOODNedStormFishI really dig the platform
(comment)20:39blogmy first update on my "first" gameNedStormFishThanks, not sure exactly
(comment)20:35blogmy first update on my "first" gameNedStormFishYou've reminded me that this
(comment)16:29blogzoosergiocornagaAlso a big fan and lament
(comment)14:54gameThe Bloody Game Terror That Melted Mefotocopiadorai got melted by the bloody
(comment)10:50blogmy first update on my "first" gameqrleonSocko!
(comment)10:38blogzooqrleonSweet, I think I played the
(comment)10:28blogzooqrleonI enjoyed your GT games back
(comment)09:12gameSpookyGamelet-off-studiosI've been Dooted!
(diff) (hist)07:46gamenew The Bloody Game Terror That Melted Megisbrecht
(comment)05:33game1HGJ: SafeCrossclydeI don't think I've seen
(comment)05:20blogzooclydeInteresting traversal mechanic.
(comment)02:57blogmy first update on my "first" gamemojofltrScary! It's like zombie
Fri, 26 October 2018
(diff) (hist)21:46blogmy first update on my "first" gameNedStormFish
(diff) (hist)21:46blognew my first update on my "first" gameNedStormFish
(comment)13:50gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophegisbrechtthe genuine cinema. long
(comment)12:35gameSpookyGameclydeI'm pretty sure that I was
(comment)12:27gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone CatastropheclydeI'm pretty sure that
(diff) (hist)12:26gamenew SpookyGamerei
(comment)05:18gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophelet-off-studiosTotally Agree
(comment)03:58gameBucolic BINKY and the Clone CatastropheKate BLoved the composition of
(diff) (hist)03:43gamenew Bucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophefizzhog
Wed, 24 October 2018
(comment)22:05gameGoof Your FriendmnoI played through the rest of
(comment)17:39gameSMOKER BLOODYOUHAVEBETRAYEDMEThank u! Hoping to have some
(comment)07:14gameThe Demon RushsergiocornagaThis is challenging!
(comment)06:00gameRobo game for game jamlet-off-studiosStory
(comment)05:55gameTHE Halloween Mazelet-off-studiosSprites
(comment)05:49gameSMOKER BLOODlet-off-studiosPretty Cool!
Tue, 23 October 2018
(diff) (hist)17:46gameMonster Truck Power Fantasy (for Stranger)Alchigginsv1.1.3 - Fixed a bug where you could turn the truck all the way around if playing on multiple displays, and added subtitle support.
Mon, 22 October 2018
(comment)12:44gameThe Demon RushclydeI enjoyed trying to beat
(comment)11:55gamenononotclydeI like the colors.
(comment)06:59game1HGJ: SafeCrosslet-off-studiosWUT!
(comment)05:31game1HGJ: SafeCrossmbtzlupdate: read em and weep even more
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