A More Perfect Universe (Ludum Dare-wreck)

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Heavily obfuscated, possibly unfinished thing inspired by the Ludum Dare theme of Tiny World.

Mouse only.

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An event


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I cannot for the life of me

I cannot for the life of me figure out any pattern to how I'm affecting things, but I've run this thing at least 60 times. I like it.

I like this. And after

I like this. And after playing with it a while, I think I've (finally) discovered a possible win-condition, but haven't been able to achieve it and so have no idea if you've built it out to respond to such a state. Whether or not intended, trying to achieve sustainable orbits, as though you were building a solar system, seems like an intuitive and worthy goal. (I still haven't figured out what all of the sliders do, so it's been a process of stumbling though the dark with trial and error.)