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Want to make games? Have a look at our handy list of game-making tools.

The Klik of the Month Klub is our famous monthly game jam; you can see when the next one is by looking under "Upcoming events" on the left side of the page. Some of our members have made a KotM N00B FAQ that might be a good starting place for that. If you want some tutorials, i suggest to check out here: Tutorials Page

Some crusty old wiki pages of historical interest:

  1. The Trainwreck Gallery is a dismally incomplete list of weird games that other people have made.
  2. Hosted Trainwrecks was meant to be a place to keep all of the games that our community produced, but we've got much better tools for that now.
  3. Keeping a list of Breathtaking Triumphs to point newcomers to especially interesting games that we'd made was kind of a neat idea, but no one ever added anything to the page.
  4. The Learning KNP FAQ is maybe a helpful guide for learning Klik & Play. We don't endorse it so heavily anymore since it's so hard to get working on modern computers, but it's still a neat tool!