Another long shot

anyway this is another long shot - 3 long shots in fact - I'm looking for some old Klik n Play games
(and I feel I have not overstayed my welcome yet)

the first one is very unlikely to be archived or saved by anyone as it was very very bad
here is what I remember:
the title was something like "Feces Test"
it had a very surreal intro - two dudes enter a toilet and they have a duel for some reason
(because they arrived the same time and both want the same stall - I only remember vaguely)
I remember one of them saying (in text): "Are you scared kid?"

now the gameplay was very bad
poop was falling from the top and you had to catch it
with a toilet
and you had to catch everyone one of them to win
but sometimes they would fall off the side of the screen - impossible to catch
it was a very amateurish game even by KnP standards
I'm really only looking for it because of the intro

some other games some that you might remember or still have by chance:
- there was a very long game - also made in KnP, a platfomer with a little brown dog fighting black vampire dogs
it was very hard (standard knp platforming of course and I think it attempted flying ladders at one point)
it had many many levels and there was some dramatic storyline? cannot remember what the title was or who made it

- another KnP game - I think this was called Space Wasters? a space shooter and it was two player and it was big characters sitting in small car like spaceships and I think it was made by the guy who made the Bamboo Dragon Warrior game(?) and it was something about taking on his teachers and had all sort of funny cutscenes (both when you defeat one or get defeated by one)