Flea Market/World Map


Two Different Maps... One Amazing Game


You are SHOP. You have come to the Flea Market to purchase goods, with which you will stock your newly-opened retail outlet. Junk items galore, a densely packed labyrinth of delights- do you have what it takes to make the most of this commercial outing?


For the "RPG Fanatic", a new way of experiencing unlimited accumulation. Immerse yourself- what was once a stall is now a valley- what was a crate, now a chest full with untold treasure. What fortune will your party find? Play "WORLD MAP" to find out...

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Thaaank you for inspiring

Thaaank you for inspiring the jam and submitting to it
PROBLEM: RPG Maker 2003 Runtime Package not present or not registered :(

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Thanks for updating but

Thanks for updating but still doesn't work for me. Different error now. Error dialog reads 'The file system4 cannot be opened'.

yeah its been working on my

yeah its been working on my end which has made it challenging to troubleshoot so i apologize for that, i uploaded another one with RTP included so let me know if its still not working

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OKAY now it works. Perhaps

OKAY now it works.

Perhaps one day we will find Rudy, or perish trying... WORLD MAP XIV...