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So, hey guys! Here is a thread which is probably overdue.

I'm SpindleyQ, also known (on other forums and often on IRC) as ApM, also known as Jeremy, and I started this here site. By day I write code for an eccentric billionaire who invented the WYSIWYG word processor and recently went into space. By night, I mostly hang out with my lovely wife (who once participated a Klik of the Month) and our 11-month-old son Eric (without whom the Fatherhood Series would not exist). I am currently secretly learning Smalltalk in the hopes of resurrecting an old Secret Project using Croquet and even more secretly considering taking up crochet.

So tell us about yourself! How did you find the site?

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I'm kirkjerk, the guy who's

I'm kirkjerk, the guy who's all angsty about doing most of his trainwrecks in Java processing (a few things in the more traditional Klik N Play.)

Anyway I'm a programmer in Boston, currently working for Nokia.

I put something on website everyday is kind of a humanist spiritual practice.

I joined the site for the infamous EMERGENCY 100-IN-1 KLIK AND PLAY PIRATE KART MELTDOWN, probably after it was plugged on The Gamers Quarters forums.

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Bonjour. I'm

Bonjour. I'm captaincabinets, or Raphael, or Raphael-you-know-like-the-ninja-turtle if I'm at a party with loud music and confused looks. By day I work on my tan by basking in my apparently bright future as something or other, and some nights I pay the bills and save up for Tim Tams by taking yoghurt out of cardboard boxes and putting them on a shelf. I harbour secret ambitions to do pretty much everything in the world, but have such a bad short term memory that I forget about my ideas ten minutes after they come to me.

Like kirkjerk, I came to this site with the Meltdown. I probably would have never joined in, but fate and my wonderful uncle had already gifted me Klik & Play when I was nine or ten, and I couldn't resist dusting it off. It turns out it's like event-editing a bicycle, and waaay more fun when you know what the hell is going on and you're not perpetually trying to make a sprawling, multi-genre Goldeneye videogame (unlicensed). Also, as a serial starter and serial incompletist of, well, everything, the concept of a two hour limit really appealed to me.

Now? I'm still here (or back), hooked on thinking up awful puns and looking at other people's brilliant imaginations. I liken Klik and Play to being the finest bucket my brain can vomit into.

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I also come here because I

I also come here because I hold the unwavering belief that SpindleyQ should be the admin for the entire internet.

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I couldn't begin to imagine

I couldn't begin to imagine why, but thanks! I try.

Any word on a possible resurrection of the Krush, Klik N Destroy idea?

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I've actually been thinking

I've actually been thinking about that quite a lot. A collaborative effort on something would be totally rhinoceros, but I'm not sure I have the organising acumen to get something like that off the ground. Participation, most definitely, but instigation usually escapes me. Maybe reviving that thread would be a start. I'll do that soon.

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I'm Qrleon, a hick from

I'm Qrleon, a hick from rural Canada. I came to GloriousTrainwrecks through a google search to ask a question about KNP's broken slider bars; stayed because the Pirate Kart and KotM games were pretty funny and the front page manifesto had some resonance with me.

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Hey, I'm from rural Canada

Hey, I'm from rural Canada too! Rosser, MB, to be specific.

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NB, bordering on

NB, bordering on Maine.

Also, oh god I haven't been paying attention the past few years. Google Maps knows where I live. Looking at my hometown, childhood schools, parks, old stores and walking trails through the perspective of Grand Theft Auto is terrifying.

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Oh, wow, they've definitely

Oh, wow, they've definitely got more high-resolution imagery. The last time I looked couldn't have been more than a few months ago, and my house was a tiny dot in a green smear of fields. Now I can see individual cars and trees.

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That, and the "Street View"

That, and the "Street View" option is the closest thing I've seen to mass stalking. Not just your traditional corporate "find out everything about everybody" stalking, I mean honest-to-goodness hiding in the bushes and taking pictures stalking.

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Did you ever...

Hey SpindleyQ, did you ever meet Manipogo?


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Hey! It's Pizza Time! I am a

Hey! It's Pizza Time! I am a ginger accessory that fights the Foot Clan. You can Google Street my pad but you won't see anything because I swear it is like the Black Hole of Calcutta in there. For reals.

I totally got KnP through the school book club back in, like, sixth grade and started making my dream game as soon as I got back from a school excursion. Sadly, I would only develop the skills to create my dream game this year when I did Skylathe. For some time I strayed from KnP but when The Games Factory came out I got right back into it. Then some stuff happened for years and I ended up here because I couldn't believe my luck that there would be a fly joint that is all about the Europress.

Just like cabinets I like Tim-Tams. I hope that the recent experiments conducted with the Large Hadron Collider can be applied to create a never-ending packet of Tim-Tams by using reverse black hole technology. Only the magical powers of science can make this a reality.

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Maybe we should try to do

Maybe we should try to do one of those google map things w/ pins for all the members?
I'm amazed at the world wide reach of the Klikwreckers, and at what random ass hours "7PM Eastern US time" is for people... actually what would be even cooler is one of those full on globe "in light and shadow" images, so I can get an idea where in the day span people are...

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Hello, everyone. I just

Hello, everyone. I just signed up for the forums. I haven't messed around with Klick and Play since I was a teenager.
Some of the projects that people put together with that software I have found pretty impressive. It has re-sparked my interest in creating a game of my own. I hope to participate in the KotMK one of these days.

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Greetings, Hanuman! Welcome

Greetings, Hanuman! Welcome to our humble web-site.

The Klik of the Month Klub is awesome and you should totally join us this Saturday! It's great fun, no matter how long it's been since you've made a game.

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Hey hi howdy ave, I've just

Hey hi howdy ave,

I've just signed here after playing nearly all of the Pirate Kart games. Why I've signed here? Because I ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE GODDAMN GAMES IN KNP OR GF. But I never had enough bravery or stupidity to do so. Now I have. 100 in 1 Pirate Kart raped my mind and soul, so I'm ready to participate in Glorious Trainwrecks rites.

God I'm so happy. No shit. Seriously.

Some serious bullshit now: I'm 20, I live In Poland, near Warsaw. Competely talentless game geek. Just so you know.

Now I go play some Max Payne, yeah. My first game you'll probably see on next Klik of The Month. I hope so.

Thanks for this site and all Trainwrecks. Long live the crap.

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Yay and welcome, sorry you

Yay and welcome, sorry you didn't make it for the last Klikkening!

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Hi guys,

I guess I should introduce myself too, for those who don't know/recognize me. I learned about this site thanks to, probably, ApM, in the selectbutton forums, which is a place I don't frequent anymore because it's full of jerks, and I like to think that I'm on my way out of jerkdom. Oh, I'm usually known as Koji over there.

The first video game I ever made was a Klik of the Month, so this place will always hold a special place in my heart. Now I'm working on one big game project that will get me my bachelor in graphic design, and the occasional small game now and then.

And I think that's all. You may, I guess, stalk me further at (.)

Oh yeah, and I'm from Chile. Right now the KOTMs are at 23 pm for me, I think.

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Welcome, agj! I am pleased

Welcome, agj! I am pleased to run a jerk-free place on the internet.

I'm kind of proud that your first foray into game-making was for a KotMK, because your work since has been pretty top-notch. Looking forward to seeing what you'll coax out of Construct this month!

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Quote:I am pleased to run a


I am pleased to run a jerk-free place on the internet.

:-( :-( :-(

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Just realized that I never posted in this thread!

My first experience with Klik 'n Play was at Computer Camp circa 1997, where I created the epic, seminal instellar opera Spaced Man, about one man's journey to climb some ladders and dodge a giant Einstein head that shoots balls at him and utters the same Simpsons quote every three seconds to the great annoyance of everyone else in the room. I still had the diskettes (it spanned three of them!) as recently as last year, but sadly the data therein had long since rotted away.

P.S. This is pretty much my favourite website in the world.

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It should be noted that not

It should be noted that not only was a late-night conversation with Six about how they don't make games like The Last Eichhof anymore the entire reason this website exists, but also that he coined the phrase "Klik of the Month Klub". Also, the original two-hour Klik & Play Showdown was mostly an effort to convince him that making games really isn't that hard so that he'd make Hatworld: World of Hats already.

(Did I ever link the Official Hatworld: World of Hats theme song here? The search function says no!)

(P.S. make Hatworld plz)

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Hello. I'm Strong. I also go

Hello. I'm Strong. I also go by strong414bad in other places on the internet, but I'm switching to Strong now because strong414bad is an entirely generic Internet name and I like to consider myself not an entirely generic Internet person. I have Multimedia Fusion 2 and worked on a couple of fangames for a while- once I tried to make a Mario version of Action 52 before it became too much for me- but I'm expanding and making some more original stuff now. I've also spent some time in the Youtube Poop community, making what can pretty much be described as video trainwrecks. I'm interested in the whole Glorious Trainwreck style and hope someday to make a game like that of my very own. I'm 14 years old and I live in suburban Massachusetts about halfway between Boston and Providence. At the moment I'm a freshman in high school with no idea what I want to do in the future.

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Welcome, Strong! Hope to

Welcome, Strong! Hope to see you at this month's KotMK!

Speaking of Action 52, I imagine you've seen our 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart?

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The KotMK is one of the main

The KotMK is one of the main reasons I signed up for the site, and I'm definately going to be there this month. I have MMF2 instead of KnP, but from what I know me and my bad pre-rendered 3D clipart are okay.

And yeah, I've seen the Pirate Kart. I haven't gotten much into it past the reccommended games, but the more I play it the more I realise it's the most beautiful thing ever made. I wish I'd been there when you guys did it.

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I wanted to see the Mario Action 52 for a long time. Why'd you exactly cancel it?

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Yeah, that's me. I cancelled

Yeah, that's me. I cancelled Mario 52 mainly because I was starting to run out of ideas of stuff to do and it seemed like it was an enormous amount of work to do for something that would be pretty much ignored and insulted by a lot of the fangaming scene. I didn't see a lot of MFGG "getting it" in the future.

Though every once in a while I've been making new minigames for it, so it's really more on hiatus than anything.

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Hello, I'm LocoRoo

Hello, I'm LocoRoo. I've made games with KNP since whenever. I have made such classics as "Mini Sonic", "Romuralli (Destruction Derby)", "Overkill", "Pikachu's Adventure" and the ever-so-classic "Metroid in KNP". I just don't have them anymore (damn system reinstalling).

I found this site by looking for KNP games. At first I thought everything was dead and that there won't be any more KotM's. Glad I was wrong.

My current projects are Eunuch: The Penis Cut-offening and Ismo Laitela Kick 'N Play.

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Hi. I'm Noyb. You might

Hi. I'm Noyb. You might remember me from such games as Shameful Pachinko Romance, Macarena of the Missing, or Edge Tycoon, all of which were made in Multimedia Fusion. You might not know that my first games were a terrible pokemon-themed pong game coded in KNP with graphics designed in Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker, or a Mario fangame with less graphical cohesion than Limbo of the Lost and more ambulatory feces than the average early South Park episode.

First heard of this place from the B-Games compo, and a few of Terry and dessgeega's works. Looking forward to getting back to my roots and having fun.

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Welcome! Macarena of the

Welcome! Macarena of the Missing is incredible.

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Greg Costikyan just called

Greg Costikyan just called Mario's Adventure a trainwreck. I've never been so proud of my twelve-year-old self. XD


Howdy. I am Fishyboy, and am in no way affiliated with Phil Fish. Sorry. I do some stuff in Game Maker, but never finish anything serious 'cuz I suck. I am otherwise uninteresting. After seeing Auntie Pixelante posting about this so often, I decided I should give it a go.

So, yeah, looking forward to making some games with you guys!

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look it was an honest

look it was an honest mistake okay

dessgeega's picture

anyone would've made it

anyone would've made it

It's okay, being confused

It's okay, being confused with Phil Fish is probably the highest honor I've had bestowed upon me.

dessgeega's picture

after tomorrow's klik of the

after tomorrow's klik of the month you will be a more prolific game designer than phil fish.

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Technically he's released

Technically he's released glee and Super Hypercube, so it would take three Klik of the Month Klubs to overtake his lead.

SpindleyQ's picture

Welcome! I totally thought

Welcome! I totally thought you were Phil Fish.

Luckily, around here, we don't care about finishing anything serious; only ridiculous things.

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hi, I finally made my way

hi, I finally made my way here after many of dessgeega's writings about it. I've never used anything like KNP, but the possibility of making a game for every track at is far too tempting to just ignore.

Hello. My name is Elijah

Hello. My name is Elijah Katz and I'm usually known on the internet as Professor Katz or by my name. I'm a 15 year old high school student. I enjoy game making and have always found Klik N Play hilarious. I also enjoy reading and writing and I hope to be a writer when I grow up.

Oh ya...
Dess posted the site on twitter and that's how I found out about it.

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Hello, I'm from Poland and in my mid-twenties. I have always dreamt of making my own games but it's hard with a patience level of a 5 year old and no programming skills whatsoever. Hence KNP was a perfect solution for me, and I don't mind the technical limitations, since I have always liked things a little bumpy and glitchy. I hope to partake in KotM in the future, when only somebody tells my how to use IRC.

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No to jest nas dwoch ;)

No to jest nas dwoch ;)


ARRR! I'm usually Aklyon on the internet and i like random things.
I'd tried to make a game but got confused-ed at the programming part :(

oh, and I found here from playthisthing's bushido edge review.

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Hi, I'm Clint, long time lurker at Glorious Trainwrecks. I can't remember when I first found you guys, but I was first introduced to KnP by my dad when I was about 10. He found a shareware version of it somewhere. I may be among the only people who actually PURCHASED KnP, which is hilarious.

When I am not attempting to make art games, I am blogging about making art games, hanging out with my wife, and hopefully, working.

I signed up because of Pirate Kart II is just so freaking awesome that I had to do it.


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hi. i'm dustin from

hi. i'm dustin from playthisthing. you guys are my heroes, so i guess this is like in comics where impressionable teens attempt to emulate their heroes by putting their underwear on the outside and punching jaywalkers in the face and stuff. at least i think it is. holy shit i just plotted out my first knp game.

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Welcome, Dustin from

Welcome, Dustin from playthisthing! Delighted to have you aboard.

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Don't worry! If we actually

Don't worry! If we actually were superheroes, you'd get some sort of stern talking-to and then you might end up getting really mad and becoming a supervillain or something, but since we're merely game designers you're welcome here. Can't wait to see what games you end up making!

Pizza Time's picture

If we were superheroes we'd

If we were superheroes we'd be the kind you'd read in three dollar comics you buy at the supermarket.

Dustin's picture

Those were the best kind. =p

Those were the best kind. =p Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I just posted about the upcoming Pirate Kart on the site, hopefully we can add a couple more people to our ranks come game-time.

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omg hi

Sup everyone. Found this site when I was looking through the wiki article of an obscure freeware game series manguy. Apparently, the newest installment is in your 371-in-1 Klik n Play pirate kart thing.

I've been going by ABoredGameDev on other sites as of late, but we're all Game Devs in this community (right?), so i'm going to use a different name here.

I tried to install Klik n Play, but apparently it's not compatible with Windows 7. Are you guys okay with Game Maker, or do you guys have something else in mind that I could use?

But yeah, hi. I hope to contribute many games... and stuff.

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Actually, it's much more

Actually, it's much more than 371 games now. We've hit a whopping 529! Thus it's been renamed the 529-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II: Klik Harder!

PyroMallet's picture

oh gosh, that's a lot of klik

oh gosh, that's a lot of klik

Danni's picture

Interestingly, we got quite

Interestingly, we got quite a few games made using other tools/engines. A few text adventures, several Unity 3D games... heck, even a bit of Blender. There was also Game Maker, MMF2, TGF, Construct...

PyroMallet's picture

Game Maker? Really? Awesome.

Game Maker? Really? Awesome. 8)

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I'm Foreman M. Vyers, and

I'm Foreman M. Vyers, and I'm 20 years old. Though I'm a writer first and foremost, I got my creative start with KNP back when I was like 11 or so. Since then, I've fostered a soft spot in my heart for the thing, cause it's just a joy to use.

I used to be a member of the Mario Fan Games Galaxy under the name of Fireball3k making trainwrecks in the forms of interactive graphical libraries. Well, I also produced a few original games that were really shit and uploaded them to my own website, but either way you look at it, most of my creations could hardly be considered games.

I found out about this site sometime in the latter half of 2009, where Googling KNP games brought me a link to the 100-in-1 Pirate Kart. Since I've long been a fan of this sort of game, I was instantly hooked, and I've been lurking the site sporadically since then. Well, up until now, I guess.

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Oh, MAN. The interactive

Oh, MAN. The interactive graphical libraries era. I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh, and Mario Quest.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, the fangame scene a little over a decade ago went through this craze of using Click & Create, creating libraries of ripped graphics that you could actually "play" through. Like, they were interactive tours complete with video game MIDIs, controllable characters, and Next buttons. Also abused the Pop-up Message Object extension, usually to ask if the person would give credit for using the sprites. A few libraries got creative with what would happen if you clicked "No". Heck, the only reason anyone would ever click on "No" was because of the humor. One in particular would teleport you to a frame of shitty sprites and MIDI music, proclaiming, "Okay, you can use this instead!" and then, "This is a special message to *cough* Ultrasonic007 *cough*. Guys, it isn't cool to steal other people's sprites."

Funny you mention this. I actually went back to MFGG yesterday to redownload and play through that old classic Yoshi vs. Windows. I almost forgot the brokenness and humor of that one.

"It looks like you're fighting a boss. Do you need help?"

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Talking about Yoshi vs

Talking about Yoshi vs Windows and Mario Quest makes me totally feel old. Those were the days, man.

PyroMallet's picture

oh gosh, yoshi vs windows.

oh gosh, yoshi vs windows. that game was the shit. 8)

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I am a jonbro

I am the one at I do some music stuff, some programming stuff, and so far have made nothing but horrible games.

I'm darkzero

I was invited by a friend a while back and I only just now decided to sign up. When I'm not playing video games, screwing around the internet, or procrastinating, I'm busy making games.

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I've submitted a few games

I've submitted a few games here now and would like to be more of a part of the scene here, so I suppose I should make an introduction. Every time I get in the chat in time for a Trainwreck, I forget about the chat, I'm so feverishly working on my games. And then I made mine a day late yesterday. Whoops. But from what I've seen I love you guys and your community.

I'm maybe a filmmaker more than I am a game maker, but I've been making games since 1997. I was something of a fixture in the ZZT scene in the late nineties when I went by "Newt" and made games like Lemmings clone "Zem!" and SMB-wannabe "The Punctuation People." I started working with Game Maker again last year. Poudning out a game in two hours may be my favorite creative exercise.

From Idaho and Hawai'i. Currently living in Utah. College student.

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here we go

I'm Fly, a music student from the UK. I fell in love with the site through stumbling across the second pirate kart, and falling completely in love with every single pixel it was made from. I cannot relate to you the days and nights I spent thinking about the manifesto of the site, being moved with childhood memories of designing fanmade Pokemon sequels with my best friend when I was nine, and then playing Canabalt For Pink Daleks another billion times.

I'm a little bit too young to have had Klik and Play at my school, but I did have Game Maker 7 when I was in secondary school, which I played around with, and discovered I was too stupid to even successfully make the fruit game in the tutorial with. I can't wait to see what I'm too stupid to make in KnP. ♥

Zecks's picture

you pretty much need to get

you pretty much need to get stupid in order to work with knp :D (im going for the fukken gold with my current project)


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Welcome! Thank you for the

Welcome! Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to seeing you this weekend for Klik of the Month!

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I can't remember how I got here - it was one of those evenings of hopeless internet compulsion, and I wound up here. Someday I'll be saying that last sentence from a prison cell.

I do remember trying the Klik & Play demo years ago on a swanky 486. I vaguely remember making a platform shooter which I drew my own blood 'n' guts for, 'cause everyone you shot would EXPLOOOODE. I COULD hypothetically do BlitzBasic, if I could create executables (demo only, atm). : |

There's a good chance that my participation on this site is yet another phase in my entirely misguided life, but what the heck - I ain't doing anything else tomorrow night (Klik o' de Month #41). Woop woop!

I liked the Twister game, by the way.

SpindleyQ's picture

Welcome! Look forward to

Welcome! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

If you liked Twister: The Game, you should ask me about Twister: The Musical sometime! (No, don't.) (I've seen Twister more times than is healthy.)

ZZT-X's picture

For posterity...'s the first thing I made last night.

Yep. That's really all there is to it. I think I spent more time on the icon than the game.

craptown.zip226.31 KB
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I saw a few people

I saw a few people commenting on this year's KOTM fun, and since I'd played a couple KnP games (anyone else here ever recall "Knuckles' Christmas" perhaps? That was something), I decided I'd try this.

Unfortunately the installer borked at me so I made something in Construct instead. Don't worry, I made sure it was suitably crappy for you all. :P

Probably the sad part is that I'm studying some math, compsci, and physics (majoring in the last one there), and dabble around in music. Nothing you will probably ever see from me will ever reflect any of that knowledge.

Rynen10K's picture

Howdy howdy

Howdy! I'm Rynen10K. I'm a Game Art & Design dropout trying to figure out what the hell it is exactly that I do now. I sometimes do pixel art, but not so much anymore. I guess I do other stuff, too.

I found this site through AuntiePixelante's site about a year ago, but I didnt really understand or really look at what exactly Glorious Trainwrecks was all about. When I realized that it was a site dedicated to making awesomely terrible and terribly awesome KnP games, I had to join. Unfortunately, I signed up the day after the last KotM collab :( now I have to wait til the next one, I guess.

My younger brother and I used to make plenty of games with KnP years ago, mostly consisting of megaman sprites, default backgrounds, and pretty much impossible level designs littered with spikes on fire on pirate ships. I eventually moved on to TGF, then Game Maker, still using the event editor since I never bothered to learn GM's script.

I'm still hoping to get into game design in some way or another, but with no programming experience and no idea where to start or where it will go, maybe it's a lost cause. Either way, I'm hoping to participate in the next collaboration or two and see what happens :)

uh, I guess that's it.


Smedis2's picture

Hey,do you still have those

Hey,do you still have those near-impossible games? I'd really like to try them out.

Just asking.

vampirkat's picture


I've been lurking for awhile, joined glorious trainwrecks to submit a game for the KotM but never got around to it!!

I've been klikking for several years, having found an advert for KNP when I found a huge garbage bag of games for Win 3.1 on the curb (that was a friggin goldmine!!). It piqued my interest, since I was still coding in QB at the time. I figured that this would be easier.

I ordered KNP used online for $10 (with the manual baby!), then sucked it up and paid $40 for the Games Factory--only for it to get abandoned for Games Factory 2! Grr!! But that's OK, I got the PRO license, baby, all set to sell my games whenever I finish them... which has been years! I guess I'll sit down today and finish something, right?!

Hey all i had a account

Hey all i had a account under tim_the_tam but stopped using it. I've lurked for a while and finally decided to signup again with my new internet persona just in time for Pirate Kart V. Hopefully this will get me back and chugging (ho ho! see what I did there) into the game development as sadly my enthusiasm has dropped over the years.

secret-arts's picture

pirate karting return

Hey all, I was a participant for quite a while over at a few other sites, particularly gamer's quarter, but I dropped out years ago to learn how to make games. Not long ago I saw a mention of this place and the Pirate Kart 2012 and I figured it would be a good time to come hang out and make some shitty games. Which should be fun since most of the time I've been concentrating on making games that I try to make, well... good.

It's nice to see that there are a bunch of gamer's quarter alums around too.

Hey, I'm new!

I am young (21 yrs) game developer from Poland. I hope to make some great games for upcoming KotM. I'll be happy to see other people works too (though since I'm on Linux, I may not be able to play all of them). Anyway, I am happy to met you all.

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Is't Tiem to introduc mysulf lololo

My name is Matthew O'Connor.
I come from New York (State,not the city.).
I got here from the MFGG Wiki's Waligie page. Yeah...I know,kind of a weird way of getting here,but oh well.

I'm really chatty,and I love intentionally bad things (Which explains why I got here from the Waligie.)
I really like Video Games,and I enjoy making them with KNP and TGF2 (Even though I haven't bought it,I'm still using the trial,so I can't make EXEs,so I might want to buy it because I make some crazy s**t with it.) Also I used to use Game Maker 8,but I found TGF2/KNP to be easier to use than GM8.

I made an account for this site because of the 2012 Pirate Kart V,But then I found the community here to be really nice,so I decided to stay here and not just make like 2 games and forget all about this until the Kart was released.

I never got to use KNP in my school because the people at my school seem to like to push out every boring app they can rather than give us something fun to do other than playing Bloons Tower Defence 24/7. (I still can't believe people at my school play that game,it's stupid.)

Yes,that's how bored we get. Playing some kid's game rather than doing something fun like using KNP or TGF2. :/

Anyways,I'm glad to be here and I really guarantee I'll stay here for a while.

kooliotar's picture

I'm Kooliotar, and I'm a

I'm Kooliotar, and I'm a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I'm looking to help out with audio (fx or tunes) wherever it is needed, and am pumped up for piratekart! Here's a couple of games I worked on at past game jams.

I did not do the sound effects on the second one!


So so so much of my time in the past was spent tooling around with a copy of The Games Factory (that I no longer have unfortunately) just creating horrible random stuff that went nowhere. I found out about this site from someone posting a game from here and I pretty much downloaded Gamemaker and started making (after not touching game creation toolsets for years) as soon as I got here since it seemed like my kinda thing

mendonca's picture

Hello! I am not really


I am not really called mendonca, but Paul. I saw some funny things going on about somebody or other trying to raise money to go to San Francisco to show a load of people a huge pile of ridiculous games, spent a little bit of time looking through the output of this site, and to be frank just scanning through the games here has given me the biggest laugh of the last five years.

I figured I should start actually listening to the mantra espoused by many here, that we should all make games, and after a short afternoon staring at Construct 2 actually started to get some output.

I'm 32, an engineer by day, am married, living in the UK. One day I hope to ascend to doghood. In fact, that typo gives me an idea for a game.

Bread.'s picture

Hello! I'm Bread.


I'm Bread (or Brendan Kearon, or Techyworm,) a British sixth form student who read Rise of the Videogame Zinsters and decided give all this business a shot. I also play a lot of indie games, or I try to. My objective here is to try and get a start in making real-life-honest-to-god video games, which has always been sort of like a dream for me except I never seriously thought I could, as well as using this site to open up a whole new selection of low-exposure games that I'll be able to play and experience.

Blueberry Soft's picture

Hey, Bread.

Hey, that's pretty exciting! How did you come across the book?

Bread.'s picture

Robert Yang's mention on his

Robert Yang's mention on his design blog was what informed me about it.

Toad64's picture

hey there

Hi everyone. I'm Toad64. I've lurked around on these pages for a while, but figured I should properly introduce myself. I originally found this site through a link on Anna Anthropy's site. I enjoy gaming of all kinds, and try to keep up with playing indie games (so many!). I've always wanted to try making my own little games and have recently started tinkering around with Construct 2 and a few others. I made a little shooter game in Construct and uploaded it, which is playable here:

Basically I made a little Ghostbusters rip off, where you control the proton gun on the bottom of the screen. You can move the proton gun left and right with the A and D keys, and you use the mouse to aim the gun, holding the left button to fire a proton stream. After holding the stream on a ghost for a second, it will be zapped. You also have 3 ghost bombs, which you can use with the W key, taking out all ghosts on the screen.

Anyway, I am in the process of making another small game, and look forward to sharing it, as well as participating in things like the ZZT weekend coming up. After reading Anthropy's Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, I feel that even if my game isn't great or anything new, it's still something that I'm actually making it.

Malingerer-Z's picture


Operator evolved. Post abandoned.

avery's picture

Ay mate

Sup yo, I'm linhat but you can just call me "lin" for short. I somehow found my way here via clicking random links on the "Because We May" indie special thingy page. Having read what this lovely thing is about, I decided to say "F*ck it!" and try my hand at this stuff. I'll probably try to make something for the Free-For-All Klikfest #1 thats on right now, but I can't exactly promise things because I'm MEGA lazy. That said, Klik isn't exactly that hard to use is it now? Or so I've read...

Anyway, It's nice to meet you all and I hope we get along jus' fine!

P.S. sorry for not thinking up something as imaginative as SpindleyQ posted haha

I love you guys so much already

I found this site through Terry's blog, when I saw a game with KNP clip art posted.

I was stunned to see that someone had preserved my old Geocities page (, as I thought it was lost forever when the laptop I backed it up on suffered a virus.

So I thought I'd sign up, dust off the KNP CD, and make a few games. Would like to see if I could rescue some of my older games off of my older computers/floppies before they're lost forever, but I'm still kind of lazy.

sergiocornaga's picture

Do it!

C'mon, rescue those games!

Johny L.'s picture

I'm DrBlowhole20

This is awesome, and i have Multimedia Fusion 2.

This site was going to bring back memories of Clickteam's first game creation tool named Klik n Play.

And i really all know the history: Klik n Play --> Click and Create ---> Multimedia Fusion Express --> The Games Factory --> Multimedia Fusion ---> Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2

Clickteam is the most better than YoyoGames.

Game Maker requires some skills to program in Drag and Drop, and even scripting!
Multimedia Fusion 2 is all just in NO PROGRAMMING!

fotocopiadora's picture

i just found this by

i just found this by randomly stumbling across the internet. ITS VERY COOL, I WANNA MAKE GAMS.


thejakeman's picture

Yo hey

This is kind of weird. I think the first time I thought about making games was back when I was 12 and I discovered rm2k and played a bunch of those b/c they were free and had a bunch of fantasies about going to digipen and making drawn to life or portal or something. After not finishing any projects ever fast forward 11 years of INTENSE CHARACTER BUILDING LIFE EXPERIENCE And I've actually finished a few things. Anyway Dessgeega mentioned this place a few times (once or twice) and I decided instead of being a weird lurker I should try actually doing this.

Unfortunately I have no time ever so I haven't gotten to it yet. Too busy microwaving burritos and watching superhero movies on netflix.

I live in New Orleans. I am hard of hearing. I only eat chili.

spiral's picture

Hi I am MNO

I'm not new here but I'm new to the FORUMS!! I'm really bad at looking at things. I introduced somebody else to this site and they said they like how the forums look and I KNEW I had to scope out those forums right away. And here I am!!

I am a person and a dingo and a gender rebel. I didn't know how to make games until I started programming in college, and even then it was mostly me learning to program on my own that I learned to make cool games (too many stuffy teachers!). Actually I just remembered I made some thing in visual basic that had helicopters and clouds and I was AMAZED that I made it. Making games rules!!

But yeah now I make goofy things for here whenever I have the motivation, time, ideas, and motivation. Time I make up when I have motivation, so. I find ideas in anything but I have a lot of ideas ranging from "counting coins" to "an analysis of my struggles with finding myself in a vaccuum of society" but I generally approach both in the same way ie reckless abandon with little to no planning, resulting in something different than I could have ever dreamed of.


Smedis2's picture

I am going to rename you

I am going to rename you Gender-Rebelling Dingo Man on skype now if you're ok with that.

spiral's picture

make it princess and yes

make it princess and yes

XenosNS's picture



I'm XenosNS, a computer guy (or "systems analyst" as my pay cheque claims) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Been a video game hobbyist since back in the Tandy TRS-80 days.

Always wanted to work in video game production, even went so far as to go to a course at the New Brunswick Community College back in 1997. That only lasted 2-3 months when I discovered the course was a mess (I knew more about C programming then the instructor who was reading from the text book on the first day). Plus, they changed the course description after the first month into "edutainment". Glad I got out of there when I did.

Recently picked up Anthropy's book "Rise of the Videogame Zinsters" back in January and was inspired to try out GameMaker. Came up with the idea for my game "Sinkhole" while finishing the book on a Solaris OS training trip in Ottawa back in February. Also discovered this site through her twitter feed.

Other than that, I live in a nice house in Halifax with a great guy and a lovely cat that would kill anything non human given the chance.

Excited to be here :-)

spiral's picture

Welcome! It's awesome seeing

Welcome! It's awesome seeing other people inspired by Zinesters :) I hope you enjoy the site, and make what you want to see in games!!

Supernova's picture

Well, since I'm new here. I

Well, since I'm new here. I found it from a buddy back in my other community, he posted Waligie Fort here too. And yes, I can make games using my psychic power.

XenosNS's picture

Ok, make a game about what

Ok, make a game about what I'm thinking about this very moment.

spiral's picture

Hello there! Friends bring

Hello there! Friends bring ya to the best places, eh? I hope you enjoy your stay and grow your psychic power!

Johny L.'s picture

imposter alert!

riranda is impostering SpindleyQ

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

RedR's picture


I found the site while searching for Twine stuff. I came for the macros, I'm staying for the Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Office Chairs.
Extraordinary place here.
I'm mostly a slacker, but if I have spare time I do art, and try to wreck trains of my own.
I don't really have Stuff on the web anywhere, so I've posted an ink drawing for yas.

spiral's picture

Hi RedR!

Glad to see more "Twiners" (as I like to call them until the end of this sentence).

It's ok if you're a slacker- so's me when it comes to finishing something! Doing anything is good :)

That's a cool ink drawing, too! I dig your style, the hintings at fuller objects is interesting.

Architectural Diagram's picture

I'm Architectural Diagram

I'm new here! I'll be posting some "Interaction Poems" here soon, which are weird experimental conceptual things that might not be all that great. I found this site through people like Porpentine, thecatamites, et al who are associated with this website! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Hello!

nurvuss's picture

HEY I'm Nurvuss. I like

HEY I'm Nurvuss. I'm an American living in London, UK since 2001. I like making loads of different things. I was very active in the ZZT community (under the handle ry0suke) from 1996-2002, but then real life took over and I didn't make anything for a long time.

Imagine my surprise to see that this website is hosting ZZTV11! I'll definitely be contributing to that.

Anyway, I found this website TODAY through Anna Anthropy's book Rise of the Video Game Zinesters and thought it sounded right up my alley. So here I am and I hope it gives me a kick in the rear to make some wild stuff.

I recently made my first game since 2002, for Asylum Gamejam. You can check that out here, if you so desire.

also i make music and stuff!

Nice to meet you all!

Lynx's picture

I guess it's finally my turn

Hey all! And hey myself. After spending my entire adolescent youth plinkning around in the Zzt community back in the day I've always wanted to take stab at making games people might actually want to play. My good friend WiL posted his progress on an indie game which he scored called "Snapshot" and another intriguing post about this website and it made me intrigued. After perusing this community for a bit I decided to join and downloaded Klick and Play. It obviously has infinitely more features than Zzt (though I did enjoy overreaching the limitations of the masterpiece) and I found myself enamoured with it. After writing "Tanks" and downloading the demo of MMF2 and looking at some other indie gaming groups I decided to stick around. I admit I've never quite fit the mold of "Trainwreckers" or of the earlier Zzt'ers, but have found it inviting and nostalgic.
It must be obvious now that I like to create functional and playable games while I enjoy the zany moments in your games as well as the sometimes powerful execution and strong programming. Let me know if you are intereseted in a collaboration as one of my goals is to make a successful android/flash game.

Thanks guys!

Hello all!

I've been visiting here for over two years, and only now have set up an official greeting. So hello!

Game-making has been a long-time obsession of mine. My first video game console was the Atari 5200, but I'd been playing a neighbour's Atari 2600 and my father's Pong machine well before that. Apart from board games and a two-decade-long-but-long-gone love affair with D&D, software has been part of my life in some way, shape, or form since the mid-90's, when my AOL account allowed me to check out all the free games available for download at 24K speed or less. My first KNP memory is playing the unforgettable Choppy the Porkchop. I invested in MMF2 in 2006 I think, and it's been off to the races ever since.

I currently pay the bills by working as a staff member at a day program for young adults with disabilities like Downs Syndrome, autism spectrum, and the like. When not there, I'm often riding a bicycle, tinkering with board game designs (most of which I hope to have officially published someday soon), or at home hanging out with my significant other and our two cats.

I hope to keep making and playing games for a long, long time. I'm happy to have found Glorious Trainwrecks. SpindleyQ, thanks for hosting.

Hi hey hello. You all seem

Hi hey hello.
You all seem like a cool bunch. My name's dylanaholcomb aka brideobrames aka uncleclouse aka no00dylan. I've been doing stuff in games unprofessionally for a good while now, and I plan to continue to do things unprofessionally. I also want to make making games my living someday because I'm honestly not fit to do anything else, anything most people consider a "real job". I love working on my own, and in small dedicated teams. I've made some maps for Left 4 Dead 2, and Portal 2 ( I've also made 3D Models on commission for Mist of Stagnation, a game coming out from Osiris Studios. Here lately I've been making my own games over on gamejolt: In the process of making these two silly games, trainwrecks, I've learned that it's what really fulfills me. I also love making music.

Basically I love creating, and love sharing creations with others. I love glitchy games with kick-ass soundtracks like stuff from Arcane Kids and Porpentine. They're kinda my game-making idols. I also love big games like Saints Row IV and Portal 2, Tell Tale's the Walking Dead, pretty much anything that either puts focus on characters or comedy.
Just now realizing that I can write way more about my love for games than I can about myself on Okcupid.


back in the game

Hey Trainwreckers

I'm a KNP user from back in the day but haven't been able to get it working again until last week. I found GT while searching for the KNP download that got me going again.

Eager to get back into making shoddy games and pushing the KNP engine beyond its pathetic capabilities.

I've managed to salvage some of my .gam files from years ago but the real gems must have been on my old pc as I can no longer find any of them. I'll be trying out some of you guy's games to get some ideas and inspiration while reacquainting myself with the event editor.

I like trying to create semi-realistic physics models within KNP. Hopefully some of the stuff I come up with will be of use to you in your games.

snapman's picture


Hi, and welcome. Things are kind of slow these days around here, but it's always nice to see new faces. Pushing KnP is also a hobby of mine, which is why I ran a Demoscene-style Demo Party here for a few years (called Action Point). My obsession has been scrolling engines, but it would be neat to see what kind of physics simulations you've been able to do in original KnP. I've been quasi-planning a megademo and seeking effect contributors, so when I do get that off the ground, I hope you consider joining and submitting an example of your physics simulations!

I haven't done anything

I haven't done anything particularly fancy or advanced yet. I've got a pretty good xy thrust mechanic with or without gravity that's perfect for asteroids and a lunar lander game I've started work on. I've been trying to extend it to do a top view drifting game but the vehicle steering dynamics are proving difficult, I'll crack it eventually.

Well i guess i am new here

Hi there i am NES4ever, I just joined Glorious Trainwrecks and well, i love games, and that's it i think.

everythingstaken's picture


I'm sure there's more.

gisbrecht's picture

hi im marie and i found this

hi im marie and i found this site where mr thecatamites made 50 short games. my first game making experience was adventure game studio working on a failed project called stellar therapy. i would then move on to make henk bei ottos haus- a german game for school. after a few years of no games at all i would finally catch the hang of unity and have been making some small games.

Hey, I' m Nuuup and I make

Hey, I' m Nuuup and I make video games. They lack in the gameplay department and they range from silly to serious. You can bother me on Twitter or be a nice lad / madam and not bother me at all with silly things :


Hello, I am a person who does things and likes stuff. I found out about this site because return of the assholians of planet ass was featured on warp door and it linked to this site. If I was a porcupine, I would be a very friendly porcupine.

Danni's picture

Welcome to Glorious

Welcome to Glorious Trainwrecks! Could you please change your username to something less offensive?

sergiocornaga's picture

Your new username depresses

Your new username depresses me. Surely you should exist!

everythingstaken's picture

Change it back.

lol I liked the other name better than this one. This one definitely gives me a run for the most emo user name.

This community seems awesome

Hello all! I'm Nathaniel Nelson. I make games, program other stuff, and go to school. I'm logging my current long-term project on TIGSource and that's been pretty cool. I'm becoming more involved in online communities lately and it makes me happy to meet new people/find new games/make connections! I like making games that are a little bit unconventional.

I found this site while reading this article by Anna Anthropy and it got me really excited about rapid game development! I'm super excited to dabble in some of the less hardcore engines once I'm done with my current big project. I want to make some Twine games, and learn PuzzleScript, and just experiment for a month or two when I have the time again.

Right now I'm addicted to Spelunky and One Finger Death Punch.

ihavefivehat's picture


In my opinion, this is the best site on the internet. It's full of games that will excite you, inspire you, weird you out, disturb you, make you laugh, etc. Plus every one here is super friendly and incredibly open to pretty much everything.

I think we'll have another Klik of the Month Klub (the monthly 2 hour game jam) either this weekend or next weekend! But, if you want to get started before that, feel free to submit games to some of our past events, or just do one on your own! I'm sure it'll be cool!

Son of a dolphin's picture

not anything against either

not anything against either you or anna anthropy, but i really disagree with how she says that stencyl has a steep learning curve and is marketed towards "professionals." that pointless argument aside, welcome to this piece of the internet

ihavefivehat's picture

Neat, maybe I should try

Neat, maybe I should try stencyl. I've been looking for an quick way to make browser based games.

2sman's picture

i've been using Scratch, a

i've been using Scratch, a much simplified visual programming engine like stencyl, and it's good for making 2-hour thingies, but after seeing sonofadolphin's games i feel ready to move up to stencyl

2sman's picture

particularly eat the poison 2

particularly eat the poison 2

CharlieVermin's picture

I'm Charlievermin and hello!

I think I found this site thanks to thecatamites' Lump Max or Great! Mouse Friends, which in turn I've found on I decided this is a good place to share my game. I have already made one game which is glorious, but I'm not sure if it's wrecked enough. Though farting is an essential game mechanic there, so maybe it would fit the site's theme well? Anyway, I have submitted the other game which I made yesterday, this is the shortest time of making a complete game for me I think. Maybe I'll make more games, with varying levels of wreckiness. I hope you all appreciate my artistic qualities.

2sman's picture

welcome - souuuuunds good

welcome - souuuuunds good

Barney Skirvin's picture

Allow me to Introducee Myself

Hi All,

I was at a loose end last night so thought I would delve into my past or at least find out if there were any traces of it left on the internet, anyway this is when I stumbled upon this site. If you haven't guessed the "driver" (Irony of trainwreck) is that I used to work for a company called Europress and was the assistant project manager on Klik n Play. Part of my role was to produce some games for the launch so you may find that you have played some of the devils or "pie devils" on there. You may have even heard my ground breaking speech in some of the small games too. Anyway good to see you are still having fun with the product which is now over 20 years old and making me feel like an antique. If you would like to hear more from me and some interesting stories of how the product came to light and the challenges and the fun that surrounded my time working on this then I would be more than happy to divulge. Have fun and be well!

Here are some of the games I can remember working on:-
Racing Line
Maniac Racers
erm..... still thinking, twas a long time ago.

Blueberry Soft's picture

Oh gosh it's not your voice

Oh gosh it's not your voice in YEARGH.WAV is it?

Barney Skirvin's picture

Yep sure is, lots of

Yep sure is, lots of oversampling on that one... also those hedge hogs too,, from one end of the spectrum to another.. oh and "take that romeo" hahha those were the days...

sergiocornaga's picture

Wow. I'm pretty sure that

Wow. I'm pretty sure that makes you a celebrity here.

Barney Skirvin's picture

Celebrity LOL, I'm just like

Celebrity LOL, I'm just like everyone else... I haven't worked in the games industry since KNP. I went on to the world of Microsoft Servers and Technical Architecture yawn!

snapman's picture

Thank You

Thank you for your part in creating such a wonderful creativity tool that made a powerful difference in my life.

Also, thank you for YEARGH!!!

Naracandy's picture

Hello Im Diana. I have never

Hello Im Diana. I have never actually made a game but I have played countless classics (Parappa The Rapper, Parappa The Rapper 2, Madden 06, a weird PS1 RPG where you had to do math to move, I think). Im in love with this doing it for the fun attitude and Ill make games. Probably terrible ones.

Blueberry Soft's picture

Hi! Looking forward to

Hi! Looking forward to seeing what you make~

megamegamega's picture

Howdy Howdy Everybody

Hi there guys,
I've been lurking for about a while now, thought I should join finally and say hi. Found this forum by accident a while ago while searching for Klik and Play games.

This site is a breath of fresh air and I'm feeling inspired to create some games again.

Blueberry Soft's picture



everythingstaken's picture

Hurry Up!

Start making games already!

Protohm Johnny's picture

Hello there folks

My name's Johnny.
I've been a game developer for about 2 1/2 years now, working in GM:S (Game Maker: Studio) for over 1,000 hours (at least, my steam account claims that) and now I develop primarily in Unity 5.

I've had different user names over time, though I settled on Protohm Games as I've branched out into a development team.
All games posted on this website under this account are mostly done by me. I rarely ask the other five people in my team to help me, mostly because they're more focused on games that aren't trainwrecks/weird.

I'm a huge fan of several people on this website, though because that list expands the more time I spend on here, I won't list them out. This website is great because it's pretty much all I've ever wanted.

GameJolt is just full of WIP badly crafted fandom stuff or games that are so well crafted and refined I feel embarrassed for myself when I play them,
and is kind of lonely and feels more professional than personal (though I do like a lot, there are great games and people on there too).

This website is brilliant because you get really talented people making great games, but they're made with raw intent so you don't get that uncomfortably shrink-wrapped feeling you'd get with some games on GameJolt.

hello everyone! i've known

hello everyone! i've known about this site for a year or so and been visiting it on and off every now and then, but i finally decided it was time to make an account! my own glorious trainwrecks are a little more on the trainwreck side rather than the glorious, so i most likely wont be posting many creations, but i'll definitely be playing a lot of yours!

quasiotter's picture

Puppies made of sugar and dreams.

Found this because RPS recommended i will never forget you because you have made me the happiest dog on earth. I forgot to bookmark it until I somehow found out about 100 Free Beetles.

Never considered actually attempting to make games until the FLATGAME Annual 2016, and then Connor Sherlock introduced me to this page which made walking simulators super easy to create. I've always wanted to create impossible environments!, and these two things really led me to this delicious tiny gamemaking community. It's way friendlier than the contemporary art world!

I've done some stuff on Itch. I'm running a walking sim gallery, and am starting a 100-hole golf game in Unity as a way to learn programming and make a dumb WarioWare/Pirate Kart of my own.


hey im dude

hello, im a guy that got here from the revenge of the sunfish forum ( always knew about this site, never really checked it though, very nice site!
i love to make games in game maker, i love the spirit of the classic "barely playable but made with love" games and i love kimberly kubus.
i make games whenever i feel like it, too see em, go to .
hopefully i can post my stuff sure, im sure ya guys will like it!

RT-55J's picture

Howdy doody froody dudes!

I go by RT-55J around the world wide interwebs. You can also refer to me as RT or Artee.

I'm an electronics/computing/engineering nerd by education and by nature. I've dabbled in assembly and rom hacking and other stuff for ages, but haven't ever completed anything beyond a silly joke (c'est la vie).

I floated around the idea of running a weekend-long ZZT game jam at another forum I frequent ( Someone there suggested that I host the thing here, so here I am. I'm planning on hosting the thing next week (I'll post the details within the next day (assuming I can make any sense of this site)), but I'm wondering: are any rules of etiquette that might not be immediately obvious to a newcomer re:hosting a jam here?


krisekrise's picture



i am krisekrise and i want to introduce myself:

- i like satan related emojis...
- i sometimes play games, but after 20 minutes i have to stop...
- i am the only user online...

i also want to introduce yulele_palacios, because they are too shy:

- eats a lot of pasta...
- likes football, but in a platonic way...
- believes everything i say...

we have a pyjama party

yulele_palacios's picture


Hello everyone,

there's nothing platonic in my love for football :)


krisekrise's picture



football, but without the interviews at the end... and no weird drawings at the side

wendywildshape's picture

wait why did i not have a gt account


I can't believe i didn't have a GT account yet - I've lurked on here for so long, love this community, and yet I never actually bothered to make an account or put my games here or participate in any meaningful way.


Anyway, hi, my name is Wendy. I live in Brooklyn and I make a living teaching programming. In my spare time I make games and Twitter bots and stuff. You can see them at my website - or hopefully from now on posted here.

I came to this site through MNO I think? Honestly I've been lurking for so many years I don't remember. For those of you who are like "who is this random grrl" how about you come say hello and let's be friends?

also i am trans and used to go by a different name in this community lol, this post has been edited

danyburton's picture

Hello, I have recently moved

I have recently moved to the United Kingdom from Australia. I have a working visa and am looking for
immediate employment as a kitchen porter. I have some experience working within the setting of an
industrial kitchen, and I recently completed a degree in Computer
Science. While this may not seem to carry over into kitchen porter work, I beleive it shows that
I am able to adapt to new tasks quickly, and complete them with dilligence.
If you are in need of a hard working kitchen porter then I hope that you will contact me.
Kind Regards,
Dany Burton

bpseudopod's picture

ay i'm blue

I'm a 20-something man (sorta) born and raised in the hell that is the suburbs of Chicago. I left home to be a drifter for a couple years when I turned 19 until I planted my boots in Portland (the west coast one) pretty recently. My interests include geek shit, punk shit, playing my keyboard, writing, 24/7 debilitating anxiety and depression, and furry porn.

I found gtw like 5 years ago because someone posted a flash by thecatamites (lowkey my idol uwu) and a few other people on 4chan's /f/ board (back when people still posted games there regularly), and I started clicking links. I visited once every few months for a while, forgetting and remembering it again, and only joined when I decided I was finally gonna take the plunge and make my own game. Which I did, and I'll probably make a few more.

I'll write a manifesto someday, probably.

Petra's picture

Hello and greetings you

Hello and greetings you all~

I am not sure how or when I found this place, but it resonates a lot.

I have some experience making games stuff before, but not in this manner since Game Maker Studio came out. (I have older Game Maker source code still, but not a way to compile it.)

Am already making a silly little game. :3


hello everyone i have played many of your games and left the very occasional comment on this account but i think now i will start leaving more comments on this wonderful site

beige's picture

hi hello hi hi hey

just found this site via a "50 Short Games" bundle by Thecatamites of Harmony World over on
it makes my heart fill with warm liquid. i'm a happy mutant living in beautiful (ie. crusty) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. have been slacking off for the entirety of my twenties, just recently went back to college for game design. i will post some stuffs relatively soon.
pleased to make yr internet acquaintances.

i was sent here from someone from 4chan

the original person is here
look for the post that says kliker

Hello! I am a newcomer and

Hello! I am a newcomer and hope to gain experience!

groscon's picture


hi, i'm new here, i've got here by clicking on a link.