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It's Christmas (not at the time of release sry) and you've been making your friend a present. A big present. A present you've been gathering and reading up on for a year. Your making Gigi a computer!

If the regular file doesn't work, try the dx12 version.

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Aaah I'm so excited to play it!

Aaah I'm so excited to play it! But sadly the program seems to crash on startup; a blank window opens and closes after 2 seconds. I tried running it as admin, or even on the command line, but I didn't get any more clues. I'm on a standard Windows 10, maybe there is some dll I'm missing?

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Oh no! Have you got

Oh no! Have you got Microsoft C/C++ Runtime Redistributables installed? ( Cause bevy (the game engine I'm using) needs that to work properly.

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Ah okay I didn't had that!

Ah okay I didn't had that! Now it's doing the same thing but I have some music playing before it closes, I'm not sure if that was the case before or if I was muted; but at least for sure the engine is starting, it just has an issue when initializing the game. Maybe something to do with the rendering? I've checked and I have DX12 installed, I'll see if I can find anything more on my side :)

Edit: I have a Intel HD graphic chip, and it seems to have caused issue with Bevy in the past

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I had a look at the link and

I had a look at the link and the person fixed their issue by installing vulkan drivers. While you do that I'll try to compile an opengl or dx12 version

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I've added a dx12 build into

I've added a dx12 build into the download file. Hopefully that'll work on your computer.

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Hey I know it's been a while but

Hey I know it's been a while but, poetically, I got a new computer and I was finally able to try again to see if the game was now working; and it did!!
I'm really so happy about this; the concept is really creative and so well executed, this was adorable! You definitely hit the mark with the good vibe, thank you so much for making it.

I'm sorry I was a bit shy and didn't want to bother you with remote debugging, especially since I couldn't provide much infos to help. But now it's all fine!
Thank you once again for working on this gift, it truly warms my heart

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OMG! thx so much!! i'm

OMG! thx so much!! i'm really glad you enjoyed my game!!!