Klik of the Month Klub #24

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Sat, Jun 20 2009 04:00 PM
06/20/2009 - 16:00
06/20/2009 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

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Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #24


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I'm going to be out of town

I'm going to be out of town on the 20th, so I guess I'll have to do mine a little early.

No ideas yet, been working too hard on MarMOTS.

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Actually, strike that, I

Actually, strike that, I have one idea, from Tim Schafer's Twitter: Standing In The Rain, Waiting For Brian Crecente, Crying.

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Epic tweet

I realized how dumb I was the few past KOTMs when I've struggled to get an idea, because I have a sketchbook (or a few) where I write down/sketch pretty much every idea I get, so there's a lot of stuff I can extract from my past self's mind. I'll probably do that for this KOTM.

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i'm going to make this game.

i'm going to make this game.

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Haha, what the hell is this?

Haha, what the hell is this?

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the game i'm going to make

the game i'm going to make tomorrow.

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Inspired by the final boss

Inspired by the final boss of Donkey Kong 94 (which I just beat yesterday woo), I'm going to make a game that simulates what it's really like to be Donkey Kong's giant head.

This is happening the day after I finish finals so woo for that.

The goal: Create Klik 'Nduro.

The goal: Create Klik 'Nduro.

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Two hours should be enough

Two hours should be enough to do a DooM map in shouldn't it?

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Is that counting the time to

Is that counting the time to convert a random set of KnP character animations into the format for doom monsters?

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Dead laptop

My laptop's fan died, so I'm using my mom's laptop. Given that I have nothing here to make a game with, and don't really wanna install things either, does anyone have a brilliant idea for me?

Maybe make a solitaire game?

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This is a game where you try to jump things in a bicycle. But can you jump them?

Really, can you?

CAN YOU JUMP IT.zip385.01 KB
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Have you seen this? It's

Have you seen this? It's pretty beautiful.

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Oh, wow. That's... that's

Oh, wow. That's... that's just amazing.

I have a new favorite thing ever now.

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Truck Stacker

Stack some trucks. See how high you can get! Game is over after a minute and a half.

Also check out the completed Community Chainwreck 1. Here's hoping we make another one before the sun dies out!

dtruck.zip148.31 KB
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First try at Klik 'n' Play

Well, first try since the '90s anyway.

Came out pretty awful!

EDIT: DOH. Now it will even actually play when you download it.
EDIT EDIT: *grumble* DLLs *grumble*

lizardsplit.zip168.89 KB
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rainbow invader legion genocide

this is rainbow invader legion genocide.

i recommend you don't actually play this but instead just watch the invaders flow around the current mouse location

if you want to play just hold the fire button to send in a stream of bullets to kill them.

if you feel guilty about that, and you probably should, press space to send in another 100 invaders.

rilg_.png28.65 KB
rilg.zip231.41 KB
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makes me feel like a riot

makes me feel like a riot cop firing into a group of people who are staging a demonstration about how much they love pretty colours.

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Dude, perfect! Here is the

Dude, perfect!

Here is the updated version.

It is now "pretty colour crackdown", the bullets are gridingly monochromatic, and also after 30 seconds of not moving the mouse (or of constantly hold the button) the invaders disperse to their start positions, 'cause i like that looping effect as well

I quote you on http://kirkjerk.com/2009/06/21/

pcc.zip231.73 KB
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It's like hot potato, but with bees! Blue player uses WASD, right player uses arrow keys. Prettier version will be forthcoming.

hotbees.zip1.21 MB
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It's better now.

hotbees.png2.01 KB
hotbeesv2.zip1.22 MB
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Public service announcement:

Public service announcement: I had squidlarkin over to my house the other day, and I could not win a single round of this game against him. Jerk.

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Failed Experiment

Made a mess of this :/

It's flash; I've uploaded it here.

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My first game ever! A shitty breakout clone but I'm still proud of it.

escapefromcroatia.zip186.47 KB
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Here's my first ever Klik of the Month :)

It's called qmuHS, because it's a backwards Shump. Clever eh?... no, not really.

You start at the end of the game and make your way back to the beginning. Everything is backwards - you're flying backwards, enemies are dead and become alive when you shoot them, your lazers come from afar and plant themselves in your guns, all the music and samples are backwards, score and health are backwards... everything!

Arrow keys to move, Space to 'shoot'. Have fun :)

(BTW: If you don't have the dll file that it needs, just go to http://www.dll-files.com/ and find it there :) It's because I used The Games Factory rather than KNP)

qmuHS.zip5.45 MB
qmuhS.PNG23.78 KB
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Unstoppable Wall DEMO

Try to run away from the wall that will kill you instantly.

I'd like to take the time to say up yours to Doombuilder for constantly crashing and forcing me to have to do this instead of my initial idea for a DooM level.

wall.zip191.25 KB

Klik 'N' Duro

Inspired by the Activision game Enduro, here's my Klik 'N' Duro. There were more things I wanted to implement, but not enough time this month :(

klikduro.PNG19.19 KB
klikduro.zip189.5 KB

I should add that A

I should add that A accelerates.

Okay I should just list the

Okay I should just list the controls because apparently it's insane and I never tested that

A: Accelerate
Left: Move Left
Right: Move Right
Run into the walls to slow down
You also slow down over time

Up breaks everything

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Punch or Kiss

this would have come across much better/funnier if it was pixel-art centred, I'm pretty sure. As it is, it's more-or-less misogynistic pseudo-erotica rather than good-natured slapstick ... AH WELL

Punch or Kiss.zip3.71 MB

Beetle Saving Thing

I wasn't able to finish my game, but you can play a basic version of it here. You have to catch the circles and push them to the edges, to avoid them falling into the water. This was my first KotM, and I had a lot of fun doing it :)

You can play it here.
You will need the Unity browser plugin, which works on Mac and PC.

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battel burg

Started off a bit too ambitious, got waylaid by other responsibilities, wah wah wah. ANYWAY here it is, mostly unfinished and more than a little late. (Not looking to make this a personal trend, incidentally. Next month is FINISH OR DIE)

WASD + Mouse. Open the level editor with the O key; be sure to save changes before you hit play.

battelsm.png32.62 KB
battel.zip1.43 MB

Magic Mushroom?!

It has multiple endings!

mushroom.PNG35.53 KB
mushroom.zip330.06 KB